Baby A

Baby A is so named because her name, Amelia, starts with the letter A, obviously. We usually just call her Amelia or Mia, but we grew really used to everyone calling her Baby A while I was pregnant, so the nickname is stuck for now. She has quite a few other nicknames, like Mademoiselle Fussypants, Boo Bear, Boopsie, Toots McGoo, and MiMi. She’s perfect in every way, even with the fussing.

A’s Fast Facts:

-Birthday: September 21, 2012. (You can read all about her birth here.)

-Birthweight: 7 lbs 5 oz, and 19.5 inches long.

-Star sign: Virgo (like her Dad).

-Loves: Being held, cuddling, going outside, eating

-Hates: Sleeping by herself, waking up, being put down, bathtime

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