Thanks and things

Yesterday was a pretty great day for this blog, statistically speaking. It was best day for follows (hi guys!), and in terms of views, it was a higher traffic day than I’ve had in the past several months.

But those follows and likes and views are more than just numbers to me. I really, truly appreciate all the virtual support I got yesterday. Every time my phone dinged with a notification, my heart soared. Not because I felt popular or successful, but because I felt liberated. I’ve carried this sense of failure, bordering on guilt, in the corner of my mind since it happened. Even when taking the high road, and remaining optimistic about your possibilities, it’s hard to vanquish all of the negative feelings.

Knowing that I have everyone behind me, family, friends, and my virtual friends, helped quiet those lingering thoughts.

I spent some time last night re-reading old posts, and this one stood out to me.

I’m not doing any fancy resolutions or goals this year. I’m keeping it pretty simple: Be healthy, be happy, write more (not just for this blog, but in general, going to try to get back into freelancing and maybe some short stories), read more, drink more tea, and enjoy my life. I think I can handle those.”

It’s like I predicted this or something.

Psychic tendencies or not, I am more sure now that this is the right place for me to be right now.

Anyway, thank you thank you thank you, for all the virtual love yesterday. You guys are the best :).

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