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So, I’m late to the party, as per usual, but I finally watched the #worldstoughestjob video that has gone viral. I watched it at work, which was both stupid and smart.

It was stupid because it made me cry, and I didn’t wear waterproof mascara today.

It was smart, because I really needed to watch it.

I wrote about my current trouble at work a few weeks ago. Things aren’t getting any better (if possible, they are getting worse).  I have been feeling pretty worthless. Watching this video reminded me that I am so much more than an employee. I am Amelia’s mom. That’s the best job in the world, and it pays dividends over anything else I could possibly get, ever. Even if the pay is actually $0.

It made me realize if they can post a fake job description describing motherhood as the toughest job in the world, I should put it on my resume. After birthing a child and taking care of a newborn, infant, and now toddler, I definitely feel like I can handle any other job.

Employers often view motherhood as a detriment to a potential/current employee. Probably because they think you’ll be calling off every other day for an ill child, or so I’m told. I’ve found the fact that I need a traditional 8-5 schedule to be an issue for a lot of employers. Whatever. I guarantee there is nothing any job could put me under that is more difficult than my true “fulltime job”. Plus, my “associate” is awesome and thinks I’m a rock star, which is more than any other job could ever do.

Potential employers, hire a mom (and if you’re in the Indy area, hire this mom). You’ll be thankful you did when you need a band-aid or an afternoon snack. I promise.

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