What’s in my toddler diaper bag

You know, I’m always amazed to find how many searches of “what to put in my diaper bag” or some variation thereof bring people to this blog. My original diaper bag post and my travel diaper bag post get tons of hits still months after I posted them. Now that A is a toddler, my diaper bag has changed a lot, so why not give the people what they obviously want and cover that too.

The best part of having a toddler is they require way less stuff than babies. Leaving the house used to take for-ev-er because there was just so much crap to haul. I was constantly restocking my diaper bag with burp clothes, clothes, diapers, and everything else under the sun. Now, I can just throw a few things into my everyday purse.

I carry the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote as my everyday purse, so if you prefer a smaller everyday purse, you will probably not be able to do so, but if you are a big purse person like me, it makes it easier.


whats in my diaper bag now

Diapers/wipes: I mean, this is still a given, except now I only have to bring 2-3 instead of 10.

Sippy cup: I pack an empty sippy cup for water if we’re going somewhere to eat or to a friend’s house. If we’re running errands I make sure it’s a very, very, VERY leak proof cup, and I put water in it.

Snacks: My favorite on the go snacks are Earth’s Best Happy Snax, Plum Organics Super Puffs, good old Cheerios, or any kind of fruit pouch. The best snack container? Tupperware. The kind with the screw on lid.

Small toys: I always pack a few of A’s favorite smaller toys. Right now it’s a small board book, her Sesame Street phone, and Elmo keys.

Not pictured: Hand sanitizer, tissues, lotion, extra lovie.

What I DON’T pack anymore: Burp clothes (no spit up, no need), extra clothes (unless we’re going somewhere for longer than 2-3 hours, she’s had a diaper blow out in the past 24 hours, or I know the weather will be bad), bibs (if we’re eating out I always order not messy food).

This is probably the “bare minimum” of what you need. Granted, this is for short excursions, such as errands or play dates. If we’re going somewhere for a full day or longer, obviously we pack more. But for the weekly trip to the grocery or Target or a lunch/dinner out, these few, essential items are all you really need for a toddler.

One thought on “What’s in my toddler diaper bag

  1. We’ve pretty much stopped with the diaper bag. We both have diaper kits in our cars and I’ll shove a bag of fruit snacks in my purse and that’s about it. She doesn’t use sippy cups anymore so now we travel really light.

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