A few of our favorite things

It’s another cold, snowy, miserable day in Indy. I’m sick, A is sick, and it’s been really hard to get motivated to do anything the past couple days. My messy house can attest to that. So, it’s going to be a fun post today, y’all, because I need something light and fun. Today, let’s talk about some of my (and Baby A’s) current favorite things! This doesn’t need too much of an intro, right? Right, so let’s just jump right in.

1. Avent Natural Drinking Cup–I bought this a long time ago, and for whatever reason it has been sitting in the back of the cabinet, forgotten. We rediscovered it, and it’s been our go to cup. Toddlers can drink from all around the rim which makes for transitioning to a grown up cup easier. Plus, there aren’t forty bajillion pieces to clean. I’ve already put three more in my Amazon cart for Valentine’s Day and her Easter basket.

2. Stonyfield Yo Toddler Organic Yogurt Pouches–A loves loves LOVES yogurt. She hasn’t mastered eating with a spoon yet, so if she gets yogurt it means I have to feed it to her, and it’s always challenging because SHE wants to do it HERSELF, and it’s always a mess. I saw these at my last trip to Target, and I didn’t even care they weren’t on sale. She has mastered eating out of a pouch, and now she can enjoy her beloved yogurt ON HER OWN.

3. Look and Find Book–I bought this specific book for A last Easter, and she is obsessed with it now. She brings it to me several times a day. She doesn’t get the look and find part yet, but she loves the pictures. It’s not really a read to me type of book, but I make up stories based on the pictures and scenes and point out the different things to her. She really loves to hear me make the animal sounds, and she will “roar” or “moo” with me.

4. Aden and Anais security blankets–Having your child take to a lovie is both a blessing and a curse, I think. On the one hand, this calms her down almost instantly, and if it’s in her hands she will go right to sleep almost anywhere. On the other, if she’s got it in her hands she’s sucking her thumb, and I am not looking forward to the day we have to break both these habits which are now very clearly linked. But for now, A’s lovie is basically a fourth family member. We have several of them so there is always one laying around. She has one with her always (except at daycare, even I know better than to let her take it there).

5. Tea Forte tea brewing system–Obviously this is one of my favorite things not A’s. John got me this for Christmas, and I’m pretty obsessed with it. I’ve been drinking a lot of loose leaf tea lately, so if you’re in to herbal teas and such, this is a really easy way to brew it. The infuser is way easier to clean than others I’ve had.

Out of curiosity, how would y’all feel about me posting recipes here? I’ve been back to meal planning, which means I am cooking most nights of the week. Most of the things are easy to prepare and use very few ingredients, which means they are great for the working mom, or any mom, set. I’m thinking of doing a weekly feature on Wednesdays for weeknight meals, but wanted to get some feedback first. I would even consider doing contributing posts from other mamas with awesome recipes if that is something anyone else is interested in. Let me know what you think!

One thought on “A few of our favorite things

  1. I like those cups. I bought LG a similar one (different brand) but, since she only wants to do what big brother does, she doesn’t want to use it. Only cups with straws for her. I will have to look for the yogurt pouches. Mostly I get drinkable yogurt or yogurt tubes but those look neat.
    And I feel you on the lovie issue. At least you have replaceable lovies. A one of a kind lovie is too much stress.

    And I love the recipe idea. I am trying to get back on the meal planning track and I’m always looking for new things to try.

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