The Best Things About Having a Toddler

A is being very toddler-ish today. More so than usual. Temper tantrums, refusing food, screaming for no reason, knocking her cup and plate off the table, pulling the socks I just put on her feet off. You know, all the fun quirks that come with this age.

It’s been a frustrating day. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said, “No,” or, “Please stop,” or, “Don’t do that.”

This toddler age is without a doubt one of the single most infuriating phases of a child’s life, but it’s also adorable. It’s filled with challenges, precociousness, and funny/precious moments. I love the latter and am learning how to respond appropriately to the former. On days like today, it’s helpful to remember all the good things about this age.

She is learning so much about her world. And she shows it in the cutest ways. Yesterday we went to the store to get new shoes and basics for A, and when we were checking out I said, “She’s looking at your cool new shoes,” (I got her a sweet pair of light up sneakers, she’s gonna be the coolest kid at daycare) and A kicked out her feet, looked down at her shoes, and pointed, as if to say, “I have shoes, look at them! I love shoes!”

She is starting to show signs of affection. When A was a baby, I knew she loved me because she would smile when she saw me. She still does that, but she’s also showing other forms of affection. She makes my day when she runs up to give me one of her open mouth kisses, or climbs up on my lap for a snuggle. She even started giving hugs lately, in which she will pat your back. It’s the sweetest.

She is growing into her own little person. It’s during this time this toddlers really come into their own. A’s personality is really starting to make itself apparent. It’s fun to watch her react to different situations. She is definitely shy, more introverted, hang back in the wings type. It’ll be interesting to see if she is always this reserved or if she gets a little more daring as she gets older.

Her attention span is getting longer. It’s nice that she can focus on one thing longer now, which means she doesn’t get bored as easily. She loves bringing me books for us to read together. Oddly enough, her favorite book right now is a book about Thanksgiving. This longer attention span also means it’s much easier to take her places.

Speaking of taking her places, she is much easier to transport. No more having to worry about packing the world to go to the grocery store, or planning my day around mealtimes and nap times. For the most part I can just throw a couple diapers, a snack or two, and a sippy cup in my purse, and we are good to go.

I know we still have a ways to go in our toddler journey, but I also know for every frustrating moment we have, there will be way more sweet moments. She’s still the cutest thing, even if she does drive me crazy sometimes.

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