Winter necessities (for mama and baby)

It’s a snow day here in Indy. I’m pretty sure this is my first snow day ever. Growing up in southern Louisiana, it’s not something we saw a lot of, and the one winter I spent in Boston was mild enough that BU never closed for snow. We got 13 inches of snow yesterday, on top of the the 6-7 on the ground from last week. There’s over 20 inches of snow in my yard right now. Some of the snow drifts are over two feet.

It’s also really freaking cold. Like, the coldest it’s been in decades. Right now, it’s -15 and feels like -40. Let’s let that sink in for a minute. Negative. Forty. This is the type of cold that will freeze your skin if you are in it for longer than a couple minutes. Ridiculous. 

How are we surviving this ridiculous winter weather? I think we’ve adapted pretty well to the cold (not today’s cold, this cold is too damn cold), but there are a few things A and I could not live without this winter.

For Mama**

mom winter

  1. A good winter coat: Even though it makes you look like the Michelin man.
  2. Fleece jacket: I’m pretty sure I’ve lived in mine since October. Such a great layering piece.
  3. Leggings: To wear under your jeans.
  4. Fleece headband ear warmer: Because hat hair looks good on no one.
  5. “Utilitarian” boots: Ugly? Maybe. Functional and warm? Yes.
  6. Smart Touch Gloves: Because even in sub zero temps you need to be able to unlock your iPhone.
  7. Garnier Triple Nutrition Miracle Oil: Or any oil treatment for your hair. So dry. So static-y.
  8. Really, really, REALLY good moisturizer: I now know what it would feel like if my skin were made of paper. This helps.

For Baby

baby winter


  1. Reversible jacket: For my money, a thinner jacket with a full on fleece interior is the best bet for everyday use, but we still have the big, puffy coat for play time in the snow.
  2. Long sleeve onesies: You don’t want that cute little belly to get cold when the shirt rides up!
  3. Fleece footie jim jams: Or “blanket sleepers” as my parents call them.
  4. Snow boots: How cute are those? Seriously, I kind of want a pair.
  5. Mittens, mitten clips, and a hat with a strap: Mittens are a necessary evil for kids, and I dare you to keep them on your kid without mitten clips. I also dare you to keep a hat on your toddler without something holding it on.
  6. Really, really, REALLY good moisturizer: A is prone to eczema, which is exacerbated in dry weather, and in my opinion, Mustela Stelotopia works the best, even if it is freaking expensive.

**Not pictured: Wine and chocolate.

I sincerely hope it is warmer wherever you are than it is here. How are you surviving the winter weather?

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