Back to normal

Well, hello there! I hope you all had a merry Christmas or happy holidays, or happy whatever you celebrate. If you couldn’t tell by my lack of posting, December kind of kicked my ass this year. Between the shortened holiday season, a chaotic travel schedule for John, colds for everyone, and a whirlwind of holiday visitors, I haven’t had a lot of down time since the beginning of the month.

So what did we miss? We celebrated my birthday. I’d love to say I turned 27 in style, but instead I celebrated with pizza and diet Coke, which is pretty good in my book. John’s Dad visited the weekend before Christmas, and my parents were here all last week. It was so nice to see them, but it’s nice to have my quiet house back.

And of course, there was Christmas, the juggernaut of the month. A’s second Christmas was tons of fun. It was also the first Christmas John and I celebrated at our own house, so it was a very special milestone for us. A still doesn’t understand Christmas or Santa, but she still got excited when she saw her stocking and the presents. She went straight to them. What were the big hits this year? The Sesame Street cell phone, Elmo car keys, and the playhouse are getting the most play right now, but she also loves her new push toy and the Sesame Street foam floor puzzle she got.

Right now I’m in that “holiday hangover” stage, where I’m just trying to recover from the excitement and exhaustion. Honestly I’m ready for New Years to just get here so things can get completely back to normal, including regular posting.

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