If I had a million dollars…

…I would do a lot of things, but first I think I’d hire someone to finish unpacking all these boxes for me. I’ve been staring at them for days now. Part of the problem is after work, I just don’t feel like unpacking, or unpacking is just logistically difficult. Obviously, after work I am getting dinner prepared or A ready for bed, and after that I am just tired and want to play Candy Crush until I inevitably lose all my lives. Both weekends we’ve been here so far, John has been out of town, so I can only unpack when A is sleeping. She is a TERRIBLY light sleeper, and I’ve woken her up a couple times trying to put things away .

Also, I really don’t know where to put a lot of things. I’ve never had an “adult” house to decorate, and I’m unsure where to start. Along side my professional un-packer, I’d hire a professional decorator. I have never had an eye for design, which is pretty obvious if you’ve ever been inside any of the places I’ve lived. Part of the problem is I’m cheap. I would like to be all Pottery Barn, but then I see the price tag and I’m like “LOL no.” I know you can decorate, tastefully, for significantly less, but that whole not-having-the-time thing really gets in the way.


What my house will never look like (Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn)


This is a problem because I need a lot more things to get this place looking good (right now it’s just functional). We got a nice couch and chair for the living room, but we need a media console and coffee table. I’d also like to get a low bookcase with room for storing some of A’s toys/books, and maybe a couple storage ottomans to keep DVDs and video games out of sight (and for additional seating). I’ve been checking Craigslist and a local thrift store but have yet to see anything that I like.

For the first time, I have a room I can actually dedicate to an office, which is awesome, because I’ll have a place I can call Hot Shot Mama HQ (instead of just, you know, my couch, where I am currently writing this from), and my new job is going to require some working from home. I just don’t know what to do with it. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest trying to find ideas. I like the idea of a Parsons style desk and a funky chair, but other than that I’ve got nothing.


(That last one is my dream office, if I had unlimited space/funds. I would love a desk for writing and a desk for other tasks. But I have neither so I’m going to try to marry things from the first three. I really like the oversized pin board in the first image, all the storage in the second, and the floating shelves in the third. Since I can’t have the epic desk from my dream office I will settle for the cool chair.)

Seeing as I am unlikely to fall into piles of money anytime soon, I really need to get over the not-being-good at decorating thing and just figure it out, because this house? Not going to decorate itself.

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