5 things that puzzle me about Indianapolis

About a week ago I posted about things that surprised me about Indy. These were all pleasant surprises. Little happies, if you will, I had discovered about my new city of residence. No one or place is perfect, though, and there are definitely things that puzzle/amuse/annoy me about my new home.

1. You can’t buy cold beer at the grocery store. Let me delve into this a little further. You can buy warm beer, wine, and liquor at the grocery store, but if you want cold beer, you have to go to a liquor store. I do not understand this rule. It makes no sense to me. What’s the point? If you’re going to have one bizarre rule about purchasing alcohol in the grocery, why stop at this one?

2. I think I’m allergic to cornfields. Or soybean fields. I am definitely allergic to something in my office building, because I am sneezing, itchy, and sniffling all. the. time. now.

3. Speaking of offices, mine is in The Bad Part Of Town. The Midwest is pretty idyllic, and I just didn’t think it had a bad neighborhood. But it does, and my office is in it. How do I know? There’s a few ways you can tell. A) You wouldn’t take you friends/family there on a tour of the city; B) If you did have to drive through it with them, you would pointedly tell them “It’s not all like this, I swear!”; C) You share the neighborhood with rundown homes, warehouses, fast food restaurants, and strip clubs. It’s not really that bad, but it’s not really that great, either.

4. Tons of people live in my neighborhood, but I have yet to see/meet any of them. I don’t know what they’re all doing all the time, but I’m in and out a lot, especially on weekends, but I never see anyone. Seriously, where are they all and what are they doing?

5. A lot of things are cheaper up here, but child care is ridiculously expensive. This one annoys me a lot. I thought we were spending a lot on daycare in Baton Rouge, and hooboy, I was wrong. We are now paying A LOT for daycare. I take some consolation knowing it is a really good daycare and early learning center, but it doesn’t make writing the much bigger check each week much easier.

I am hoping John will have a weekend off eventually so we can explore the city as I haven’t really seen any of it outside of work. It’s just us girls for the next couple of weekends though. It’s probably for the best this weekend, since I’m pretty certain A is getting a cold. I also got sunburned at an outside work function today, so I’m looking forward to laying low for a few days. Enjoy your three day weekend!

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