The adjustment game

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. It’s been a combo of being back at work, A having some difficulty adjusting to being up here, and spotty internet service (we’re pretty sure we need a new modem, and our internet provider can’t get out to our house until Sunday).

So far, work is going well. I’m still in training, but I’m enjoying it. Everyone is beyond nice, and the company I’m working for is pretty awesome. For instance, today, on  a campus tour, there was a keg in a building, and we were invited to sample its contents. Beer at work? Sure, why not. The work is definitely going to get harder in the next few weeks, but I’m hopeful it will all go well.

The hardest part of this move is helping A adjust to it, which has been a challenge. She is realizing we are not just visiting this strange place, that this is a permanent change, and she is not sure about it. She is having some serious separation anxiety, mostly with me but with John too.

I’m sure there are several things to blame for this. One, she is in a totally new place and it’s weird for her. Two, it was just me and her for four months, so it’s odd for it to be all three of us again (I’m sure it’s throwing her for a loop, but she is totally happy to see John, and definitely knows who he is). Three, she is back in daycare, which is hard for her after being taken care of by her grandma for a couple months. Plus she’s cutting two (maybe three) teeth, so she is CRANKY and throwing some Grade A temper tantrums, which is trying at best and downright frustrating at worst.

I know it’s only the beginning. She’ll be a toddler soon. Don’t remind me.

Also, she is pretty much refusing to nap at daycare. She’s never been a great napper, and even when I’m home with her I have to fight for it. She’s taking two cat naps, basically, right now at daycare. 20-30 minutes twice a day. Sometimes only once. I don’t know if it’s the weird new environment she’s in, worry that if she falls asleep she’ll miss me coming in and I’ll leave, or just a transition period/sleep regression now that she’s almost a year old. Maybe it’s some combo of all three. I don’t know.

Other than the napping, she is doing well at daycare. Her teachers say she is happy and social during playtime and is eating well at mealtime, so at least there’s that. She’ll be walking soon and in the toddler room, so we’re hopeful that will help maybe with the schedule issues we’re currently dealing with.

I know it will just take time for her to get used to it up here. I’m not even really used to it. I don’t know where anything is, I don’t have any clue where I’m going, and I’ve gotten lost a few times. The difference is I have ways to express my frustration, and A really doesn’t, which I’m sure makes it all the more frustrating for her.

Since it’s only been a little over a week, I’m hopeful we’ll get the hang of it all in the next couple weeks. Until then, I apologize for my lackluster updates. I’ll get back to it as soon as I can.

One thought on “The adjustment game

  1. It makes sense given her attachment to you for her separation anxiety to be heighten. The good thing about children is how resilient they are. Pretty soon she won’t even remember living here. She’ll probably adjust soon than you do in the end.

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