A work in progress

Today was our first full day in Westfield. As far as days go, it was pretty busy and successful. We found  a daycare for A, found living room furniture (still have to order it though), got a lot of odds and ends you need when you move into a new house, and I started unpacking. Some.

Right now everything is very much a work in progress (aren’t we all). My living room is a sea of boxes full of things needing homes, my refrigerator is pretty bare, and every room in the house is basically a mess. And while unpacking isn’t nearly as awful as packing, I do wish I could just snap my fingers and have everything in it’s place and decorated*.

Still, it’s exciting to be here. And I managed to give A a bath without her screaming. Granted I had to get in the bath with her, but at least it’s progress.

(*And if anyone wants to come decorate for me, I would appreciate it. I’m awful at that kind of thing.)

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