Replay: You know you’re a new mom when…

As promised, I’ll be reposting some of my old posts while I deal with the chaos that is the out of state move. This was originally posted in October 2012.

– Baby spits up all over you and his/herself in the middle of the night, and you care enough to change baby’s clothes but not your own.

– It’s been so long since you last wore make up you forget how to apply it.

– You say “This better be worth putting real clothes on for” more than you care to admit.

– You fall asleep in the middle of a conversation.

…Actually, you fall asleep in the middle of doing anything.

– You are no longer right-handed or left-handed, instead you are becoming adept at doing everything one-handed.

– Your once neat house now looks like a tornado hit it.

– You can swaddle in your sleep.

…If you got any sleep at all, that is.

– You sleep three hours in a row and describe it as “a good night.”

– You feel lucky, exhausted, blessed, frustrated, over joyed, overwhelmed, and love all at the same time.

…In the midst of all the emotions, in spite of sheer exhaustion, you can’t help but look down at the little person you GREW in awe and wonder, and find yourself thinking, “OMG, how did you get so freaking cute?!”

Did I leave anything out?

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