5 things that puzzle me about Indianapolis

About a week ago I posted about things that surprised me about Indy. These were all pleasant surprises. Little happies, if you will, I had discovered about my new city of residence. No one or place is perfect, though, and there are definitely things that puzzle/amuse/annoy me about my new home.

1. You can’t buy cold beer at the grocery store. Let me delve into this a little further. You can buy warm beer, wine, and liquor at the grocery store, but if you want cold beer, you have to go to a liquor store. I do not understand this rule. It makes no sense to me. What’s the point? If you’re going to have one bizarre rule about purchasing alcohol in the grocery, why stop at this one?

2. I think I’m allergic to cornfields. Or soybean fields. I am definitely allergic to something in my office building, because I am sneezing, itchy, and sniffling all. the. time. now.

3. Speaking of offices, mine is in The Bad Part Of Town. The Midwest is pretty idyllic, and I just didn’t think it had a bad neighborhood. But it does, and my office is in it. How do I know? There’s a few ways you can tell. A) You wouldn’t take you friends/family there on a tour of the city; B) If you did have to drive through it with them, you would pointedly tell them “It’s not all like this, I swear!”; C) You share the neighborhood with rundown homes, warehouses, fast food restaurants, and strip clubs. It’s not really that bad, but it’s not really that great, either.

4. Tons of people live in my neighborhood, but I have yet to see/meet any of them. I don’t know what they’re all doing all the time, but I’m in and out a lot, especially on weekends, but I never see anyone. Seriously, where are they all and what are they doing?

5. A lot of things are cheaper up here, but child care is ridiculously expensive. This one annoys me a lot. I thought we were spending a lot on daycare in Baton Rouge, and hooboy, I was wrong. We are now paying A LOT for daycare. I take some consolation knowing it is a really good daycare and early learning center, but it doesn’t make writing the much bigger check each week much easier.

I am hoping John will have a weekend off eventually so we can explore the city as I haven’t really seen any of it outside of work. It’s just us girls for the next couple of weekends though. It’s probably for the best this weekend, since I’m pretty certain A is getting a cold. I also got sunburned at an outside work function today, so I’m looking forward to laying low for a few days. Enjoy your three day weekend!

The adjustment game

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. It’s been a combo of being back at work, A having some difficulty adjusting to being up here, and spotty internet service (we’re pretty sure we need a new modem, and our internet provider can’t get out to our house until Sunday).

So far, work is going well. I’m still in training, but I’m enjoying it. Everyone is beyond nice, and the company I’m working for is pretty awesome. For instance, today, on  a campus tour, there was a keg in a building, and we were invited to sample its contents. Beer at work? Sure, why not. The work is definitely going to get harder in the next few weeks, but I’m hopeful it will all go well.

The hardest part of this move is helping A adjust to it, which has been a challenge. She is realizing we are not just visiting this strange place, that this is a permanent change, and she is not sure about it. She is having some serious separation anxiety, mostly with me but with John too.

I’m sure there are several things to blame for this. One, she is in a totally new place and it’s weird for her. Two, it was just me and her for four months, so it’s odd for it to be all three of us again (I’m sure it’s throwing her for a loop, but she is totally happy to see John, and definitely knows who he is). Three, she is back in daycare, which is hard for her after being taken care of by her grandma for a couple months. Plus she’s cutting two (maybe three) teeth, so she is CRANKY and throwing some Grade A temper tantrums, which is trying at best and downright frustrating at worst.

I know it’s only the beginning. She’ll be a toddler soon. Don’t remind me.

Also, she is pretty much refusing to nap at daycare. She’s never been a great napper, and even when I’m home with her I have to fight for it. She’s taking two cat naps, basically, right now at daycare. 20-30 minutes twice a day. Sometimes only once. I don’t know if it’s the weird new environment she’s in, worry that if she falls asleep she’ll miss me coming in and I’ll leave, or just a transition period/sleep regression now that she’s almost a year old. Maybe it’s some combo of all three. I don’t know.

Other than the napping, she is doing well at daycare. Her teachers say she is happy and social during playtime and is eating well at mealtime, so at least there’s that. She’ll be walking soon and in the toddler room, so we’re hopeful that will help maybe with the schedule issues we’re currently dealing with.

I know it will just take time for her to get used to it up here. I’m not even really used to it. I don’t know where anything is, I don’t have any clue where I’m going, and I’ve gotten lost a few times. The difference is I have ways to express my frustration, and A really doesn’t, which I’m sure makes it all the more frustrating for her.

Since it’s only been a little over a week, I’m hopeful we’ll get the hang of it all in the next couple weeks. Until then, I apologize for my lackluster updates. I’ll get back to it as soon as I can.

5 things about Indianapolis that surprise me

I haven’t been in Indy for very long, but in the past few days, I have learned a few things about my new town that quite frankly, shocked the hell out of me. I know I came up here once before the move, but I didn’t see very much of the area, I didn’t see our house/neighborhood, and it was such a whirlwind trip with the job interview I didn’t take the time to really notice much.

But now that I am up here and driving around and going places I am noticing some things that are pretty surprising, at least to me:

1) The weather? Kind of amazing. Before I got up here, every time I complained about how hot it was in Louisiana John would snootily reply with the (significantly cooler) weather forecast for the Indy area along with something along the lines of “if you were here you could be enjoying this.” He even called himself a “weather snob”, and now that I’m here I can see why. It hasn’t broke 85 since I’ve been here.

It's only 10 degrees difference, but I'll take it.

It’s only 10 degrees difference, but I’ll take it.

Granted, apparently it’s going to get really hot next week, but right now, this feels like fall to me. I took a walk with A last night and there was actually a cool breeze. I’m sure I will feel much differently about the weather come winter, but for now, I’m loving it.

2) Hoosiers are super nice. I mean, I kind of figured they would be; they certainly were nice when I visited in July.  I’m from the land of Southern Hospitality, where everyone wants to know how your mama is doing, someone’s heart is always being blessed, and we’ll talk you ear off in the grocery store line without even knowing your name, so I’m used to nice. But this is a different kind of nice. It’s almost an uber politeness that just permeates the whole area.

A couple examples: Yesterday I went to go get gas and pulled up at the same time to the same pump as another dude (opposite sides, we weren’t like, fighting over the gas pump). We got out of our cars at the same time, and he nodded and waved at me like he knew me. When I was getting ready to leave, he did it again. I’m pretty sure that’s never happened to me at a gas station in Baton Rouge. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve always ignored others and been ignored by others at the gas station. Also, when we went grocery shopping yesterday, while I was waiting on my order at the deli counter, two different employees asked me if I had been helped yet. It should be noted these employees were not deli counter workers, but people working other parts of the floor. Also? The same thing happened at Wal Mart while I wandered aimlessly looking for things (why are they all different? Come on, Wal Mart, adopt a universal floor plan). That’s unheard of at any of my Baton Rouge Wal Marts.

So, anyway, people from the Midwest are absurdly nice…so much, in fact…

3) No one seems to have road rage. Or at the very least, I haven’t encountered it yet. And I do feel I would be the one to encounter it. If you live in the Indianapolis metropolitan area, I am the asshole in the blue Hyundai who has no idea where she is going. No, I’m not on my cell phone, I’m not texting, I’m not fiddling with the radio, I just had no idea that lane turned into a right turn only lane. I did not mean or want to cut you off. But no one has even honked at me yet, let alone flipped me off or cursed me out. They even let me over when I need to get in the lane at the last minute. Maybe it’s all because my Louisiana plates and LSU stickers advertise that I am New In Town and therefore clueless, so they just feel sorry for me. Or maybe they are really that cool behind the wheel. Native Hoosiers, please weigh in!

4) It’s really clean. There is, like, no litter. I saw my first piece of trash on the road yesterday, and I was compelled to pull over and pick it up because it looked so out of place. I don’t know if they are really strict about littering, if people here just take pride in their city, or if because so much of their livelihood depends on agriculture, but it’s very clean here.

5) There are trees. When I pictured the Midwest, I just pictured flat farmland (and there is a lot of that, it’s basically corn field, new development, corn field, shopping center, corn field, new development, as far as the eye can see), but surprisingly enough, there are actual trees here. Granted, they aren’t the tall pine trees or sprawling oaks I’m used to, but there are real trees.

Not exactly stately oaks or broad magnolias, but I'll take it.

Not exactly stately oaks or broad magnolias, but I’ll take it. 

These things all pleasantly surprised me, which is nice, because I honestly wasn’t sure how I would feel about this place once I got up here. So far it’s been a good experience. I start work on Monday, which I’m actually looking forward to, because lord knows I am in need of some adult conversation. On that note, if you do happen to live in the Indianapolis area, please feel free to contact me either by email at katy.hotshotmama (at) gmail (dot) com or tweet me @hot_shot_mama because I could use some friends.

Dear Amelia {Eleven months}


Dear Amelia,

Well, this is probably your second to last monthly letter. You are turning ONE next month. (I would love to say I’ll have the energy to continue to do them monthly into your second year, but who are we kidding?) How is that even possible? It seems like just yesterday I was anxiously waiting your arrival, and now look at you.

You are all over the place these days. You are crawling, pulling up, cruising, and getting your balance together to start walking. You are also, like your mom, an accident waiting to happen. Your legs are covered in bruises, and you fall over a lot. None of these things stop you from going after what you want, though. You are, in a word, persistent. Once something is in your sight, you will stop at nothing to get it. And if we take it away from you? Hooboy, look out, because you can already throw an impressive temper tantrum (or as I prefer to say, a hissy fit).

For the most part though, you are still a good, happy baby with smiles for everyone.

Speaking of smiles, you have two new teeth coming in. You will (probably) close out your first year with five pearly white chompers. You use them well, as you will eat just about anything we put in front of you. This is good, because you have pretty much weaned yourself off of bottles. You still get one every morning, but I don’t know if that’s more for me or for you. (I love the cuddle time! Some days it’s the only cuddle time I get.)

By far the biggest change this past month is we are now residents of the Hoosier State. You were a total trooper on the drive up here, and so far you are adjusting well, with only a few minor issues here and there (we are currently dealing with a little sleep regression–I am listening to you cry over the monitor as I write this. Go to sleep, baby, you are so tired!). I am happy to report everyone up here finds you just as adorable as everyone in Louisiana did. Your cuteness is universal.

Next month, we’ll celebrate your first birthday for the second time (you already had one party with all your favorite people in Louisiana). You will be excited to eat cake again, but I will probably cry. Just warning you now. (I can’t believe we’re already almost here, and it’s scary because before I know it, you’ll be reading these yourself and saying “Mommmmm, why do have to be so embarrassing? My friends could read this.” And I’ll laugh, because that’s what moms do.) In the meantime though, don’t mind if I try to snuggle you a little closer and longer to try to soak up all the babyhood you have left.

I love you to the moon and back, Boo Bear.



A work in progress

Today was our first full day in Westfield. As far as days go, it was pretty busy and successful. We found  a daycare for A, found living room furniture (still have to order it though), got a lot of odds and ends you need when you move into a new house, and I started unpacking. Some.

Right now everything is very much a work in progress (aren’t we all). My living room is a sea of boxes full of things needing homes, my refrigerator is pretty bare, and every room in the house is basically a mess. And while unpacking isn’t nearly as awful as packing, I do wish I could just snap my fingers and have everything in it’s place and decorated*.

Still, it’s exciting to be here. And I managed to give A a bath without her screaming. Granted I had to get in the bath with her, but at least it’s progress.

(*And if anyone wants to come decorate for me, I would appreciate it. I’m awful at that kind of thing.)

From there to here

Just wanted to stop in to say we made it to our new home in Westfield, Indiana. It was a very long three days of moving, but we’re finally at our new home. Of course everything is a total mess, and we still need living room furniture, but we’re all here together and that’s all that really matters.

A did great during the car ride; she wasn’t fussy until the last couple of hours today, and I can’t really blame her. I was ready to be fussy, too.

It’s going to be crazy for a few more days, but I’m going to try to get back to a regular blogging schedule. Thanks for hanging with me and my family during our crazy move!

Replay: You know you’re a new mom when…

As promised, I’ll be reposting some of my old posts while I deal with the chaos that is the out of state move. This was originally posted in October 2012.

– Baby spits up all over you and his/herself in the middle of the night, and you care enough to change baby’s clothes but not your own.

– It’s been so long since you last wore make up you forget how to apply it.

– You say “This better be worth putting real clothes on for” more than you care to admit.

– You fall asleep in the middle of a conversation.

…Actually, you fall asleep in the middle of doing anything.

– You are no longer right-handed or left-handed, instead you are becoming adept at doing everything one-handed.

– Your once neat house now looks like a tornado hit it.

– You can swaddle in your sleep.

…If you got any sleep at all, that is.

– You sleep three hours in a row and describe it as “a good night.”

– You feel lucky, exhausted, blessed, frustrated, over joyed, overwhelmed, and love all at the same time.

…In the midst of all the emotions, in spite of sheer exhaustion, you can’t help but look down at the little person you GREW in awe and wonder, and find yourself thinking, “OMG, how did you get so freaking cute?!”

Did I leave anything out?