Dear Amelia {Ten months}


Dear Amelia,

You are now 10 months old. I know I’ve said this in every letter, but it’s just crazy to me that we’re here already. You are getting SO BIG! I mean, just look at you:


If ever a picture personified you perfectly, that’s it. You are a very busy girl. You have figured out the crawling thing and you. are. everywhere. All the time. And nosy. You have to know what is going on at all times. You are pulling up on pretty much everything (the couch, the table, me, the cats), and even starting to cruise. You definitely are keeping me on my toes!

You can say “dada” and what I think is some version of “okay”. I’m not certain what you are saying most of the time, but you are. You, like your mama, talk a lot and you say it with so much authority, some times you almost convince me you’re the boss instead of me (who are we kidding, we all know who the real boss is around here…). You’ll talk to anyone and anything. Your daddy and I are gonna have our hands full when you are older, because you are the world’s biggest flirt. You are pretty and smart and funny and gosh darn-it, you are going to make sure everyone around you knows it.

You now have three teeth, and you’ll eat just about anything in sight. You have weaned yourself down to three bottles a day, and when you want to, you’ll even hold your bottle on your own. You have mastered self-feeding, and you even get upset when I try to put something in your mouth. You want to do it yourself. Which is just about your attitude with anything these days.

I got an email from the other day about the “transition from baby to toddler” you are currently in. I can definitely see it happening. Not only in attitude, but also physically. You are getting taller and slimming out. You look less and less like a baby every day. This is all terribly exciting, but a little saddening, also. I will miss being able to call you a baby, even if you will always be my baby. And I definitely miss your non-mobility. Seriously, can we go back to that, just for a few days?

I love you so much, sweet girl.



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