Bath time blues

A and I are back from the beach. We had a great time, in spite of a sunburn (me) and a minor injury (A) (don’t worry, she’s fine; she bit it trying to pull up on the coffee table and cut her top gum–she was very happy to get a popsicle, and I think I was much more traumatized than her–it’s healing up quite nicely).

Anyway, it was fun, A really seemed to enjoy splashing in the water and playing in the sand. The only thing she hated was having to get a bath three days in a row.

I think I maybe in possession of the only baby who absolutely hates bath time. She. Can. Not. Stand. It. She screams like you’re physically torturing her the entire duration of her baths. Actually, she doesn’t have to even be the one bathing; if she’s awake while someone else is taking a shower (me) she screams the entire time that person (me) is in the shower.

It’s like she’s afraid of the water, yet she loves to go swimming in the pool and had no problem being splashed by waves at the beach. I don’t get it. I’ve tried bathing her in the infant tub, in the regular tub, in the Bumbo in the tub and in shower, taking showers with her, etc, etc. I’ve tried almost every baby soap on the market and invested in a multitude of bath toys. Nothing works.

Actually, taking showers with her works okay and is by far the easiest. It doesn’t stop the screaming, but it’s easier to control her flailing and makes it much faster so she is done with the torture quicker. But showering with A requires another person to hand her to me in the shower and take her out. This is how we bathed her at the condo this past weekend. It was just easier, and she was done in less than five minutes.

Because of all this, regular baths are like once weekly events at our house with good wipe downs in between. I would prefer to find a way to make bath time a little less traumatizing for both of us, as they will be sticking around and increasing in regularity the more active she gets. And at this point, I’m willing to try anything since bath time is becoming a huge hassle. She has to grow out of this eventually, right? She can’t hate being bathed forever, can she?

At the very least, maybe eventually she won’t be so vocal about it. I hope.

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