Things I learned on my 6 hour drive

…I don’t care if you pass me on the interstate, I really don’t. When you pass me and then proceed to go the same speed as me (or slower), then we have a problem.

…Even at 10pm, you will still sit in traffic for roadwork, somewhere.

…No matter where you are, all interstates are boring as hell. They are even more boring at night.

…That mini heart attack you have when you see flashing lights of any kind is up there with bending a fingernail backwards or smacking your knee on a table corner for “feelings I’d like to avoid.”

…It is possible to use the bathroom while holding your baby.

…5 Hour Energy does not last the full five hours.

…The “Range to Empty” function on my car is completely inaccurate.

…On a similar note, the “Expected Arrival” time on my GPS is also completely inaccurate, or it is in a totally wrong time zone.

…I love all the songs on my iPod until it’s in the shuffle function. Then I only like approximately one of every five songs.

…It’s a great idea to leave at your baby’s bedtime. Until you are trying to wrestle them in bed at 2am because they now think it’s playtime. Then it seems like a very, very bad idea. It’s the worst idea ever when they wake you up at 6am after only three hours of sleep (so….tired….).

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