More ch-ch-changes

So last week I got some pretty big news…

I got a new job!

While we were in Indy over the Fourth weekend, I had a job interview. I wasn’t sure how the interview went, which is bizarre because I can usually predict whether or not I’ll get the job right after the interview is over. For this one, I just wasn’t sure. I had pretty much convinced myself I hadn’t gotten it when I got the phone call offering the job.

I start August 26th, which means we’re moving a little sooner than originally anticipated. I had planned on heading up there after A’s first birthday, and now are plans are to move around the 19th. I’m planning on throwing A a “pre-birthday”/goodbye party so family/friends down here can celebrate with A. Luckily John has secured some awesome friends in Indy to help us celebrate our big girl’s first birthday.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have this job. It’s not that my current job was awful, but I was becoming un-enamored with it. I work with some pretty amazing people, so that was helping, but I was ready to move on.

But it’s also terrifying. The move to Indy is now very, very real and happening very, very soon. Before it was something kind of abstract. We were moving, but there were no firm plans. I’m excited about this opportunity but scared I won’t be good at it.

And because God has a sense of humor, I have a job, but we don’t have a place to live. We had a lovely house lined up, but as things are wont to do in life, it fell through. Now we’re on the hunt for a suitable place to live in the midst of all this.

It’s stressful is what I’m getting at here. I’m kind of just hoping everything with the housing situation will just fall into place since I’m not up there to facilitate it. I’m sure everything will work out fine…


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