Hair raising stuff

Y’all, I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere in the past few months my baby got hair.

In case you need a refresher, this is what A looked like a couple months ago:


And this is what she looks like as of this morning:

Nothing good comes of this look.

Nothing good comes of this look.

(Sorry it’s blurry, it’s hard to capture something that is perpetually in motion.)

It’s like it just sprouted up over night. My bald little baby now has enough hair for barrettes and cow licks. I’m not complaining; I was born with a ton of hair, and I always hoped my babies would have the same genes. I’m happy she’s getting more hair, but it’s also a little sad. She’s starting to look less and less like a baby. The differences in what she looked like at seven months and what she looks like now at nine months are pretty astounding.

It’s not just her hair, although that is definitely the most noticeable part, but she has also hit a major growth spurt recently. She’s just…bigger. And constantly moving. Don’t get me wrong, I love that she is healthy and growing and thriving and has hair, but I do miss my snugly little baby.

She does look pretty freaking cute with bows in her hair, though.

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