A day in the life of Hot Shot Mama

Being a working mom, I don’t get asked “What do you do all day?” much, if ever. People assume–correctly–that I am working, and therefore the question is unnecessary. However, the question I do get asked is “How do you do it everyday?” The answer is keeping to a schedule and prioritizing.

I have my days down to a science now, which is necessary since I’m basically a single mom at the moment. Since I don’t currently have an extra pair of hands on deck, I need to schedule everything perfectly to make sure things go smoothly. Of course there are hiccups, and sometimes things go off veering off course, but we mostly run like a well oiled machine. Here’s what a typical day looks like in my life:

5:00AM– Alarm goes off. Hit snooze button.

5:20AM– Actually get out of bed, brush teeth, etc.

5:25AM– Make coffee and breakfast, try to enjoy leisurely but end up scarfing it down anyway

5:35AM– Make A’s bottles for the day. I usually mix up 20-24 ounces of formula in a container which is enough for four bottles, one to start the morning and three for daycare.

5:45AM– Get half dressed (change tops) and do hair/make up.

6:00AM– Wake up A, get some morning cuddles and kisses, and change her diaper.

6:05AM– Give A her morning bottle. Try to beat level 88 on Candy Crush. Inevitably use all lives and give up.

6:30AM– Finish getting ready for work, get A dressed and changed again if needed.

6:40AM– Get my lunch and snacks for work together while A plays on the floor.

6:50AM– Out the door!

7:00AM– Drop A off at daycare.

7:15AM– Arrive at work. I’m usually the first person there, so I head straight to the break room and make a pot of coffee. I stare at it until it’s done brewing. I enjoy my second and last cup of caffeine for the day while perusing my email and figuring out if I’m going to have a pleasant day or headache inducing day.

7:30AM– Actually start working.

10:30AM– Enjoy my, by this time, much anticipated morning snack of a banana slathered with peanut butter or greek yogurt.

12:00PM– Lunch time! I usually bring veggies and hummus or veggie pasta salad or chicken and hummus in a pita. Think about calling daycare to check on A but decide she is doing fine and don’t.

1:00PM– Back to work. Text John to tell him how I’m ready for it to be five.

3:00PM– Afternoon snack, some kind of fruit or veggie I can easily pop in my mouth.

4:00PM– Seriously, how is not five yet?

4:30PM– Stare at the clock. I’m pretty sure it’s slowed down or completely stopped working.

4:45PM– Slowly start packing up my things.

5:00PM– Yay! It’s time to go get my baby!

5:15PM– Curse Baton Rouge’s horrible rush hour traffic.

5:25PM– The best part of my day! Pick up A from daycare and get the worlds biggest smile and cuddle from my sweet girl.

5:40PM– Get home, change A, put away leftover food, etc.

6:00PM– Dinner time for A. Her dinner varies depending on what I have in the fridge, but it’s usually heavy on the veggies and fruits.

6:30PM– Get cleaned up and in jimjams. Most nights she just gets a washcloth wipe down since she has eczema issues.

6:45PM– Time for A’s evening bottle. I pop the slowest flow nipple I can find on there to make her super drowsy. Works like a charm almost everytime.

7:15PM– Cuddles, prayers, songs, and good night kisses. A is out like a light as soon as I put her in her crib.

7:20PM– Mama’s dinner time. I throw something together and have bites in between folding laundry or doing dishes.

7:45PM– Actually sit down and try to unwind some by mindlessly watching something on Netflix while trying to beat freaking Level 88 again.

8:30PM– Putter around and get any chores that need to get done done, like putting away laundry or starting a new load of clothes and washing A’s bottles. Also if I am editing and posting a blog post that evening, this is when I do it usually.

9:00PM– Start to feel tired. Go take a hot shower.

9:30PM– Play more Candy Crush or read a book on my iPad until I’m tired enough to sleep.

10:00PM– Bedtime

If this day seems long, it’s because it is. Most days by the time I’m in bed I can hardly keep my eyes open, so there isn’t much reading or candy crushing going on. Right now, everyday feels like a marathon. Soon, we’ll be able to get back to a less exhausting schedule. I just have to keep running until we can get there.

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