Developmental roadblock

A is at a point in infancy where she is really close to being able to do certain things: Pull her self up into a sitting position, crawl, and completely self-feed. She is on the cusp of these developmental milestones. Close, but not totally there yet.

At eight and a half months old, I know a lot of babies are already doing these things. I’m not about to compare my baby to those babies, I know every child develops at different paces. It doesn’t really even bother me she isn’t doing these things (except maybe the feeding thing, it would be nice if more than one out of every five Cheerios she tried to get in her mouth actually made it there). I actually joke she can take as long as she wants to crawl–packing and baby proofing just don’t seem like they’ll mix well.

But someone is rather frustrated at this lack of development over the past few weeks. And that someone is A.

A wants to crawl so badly. She wants to be able pull herself up, and she wants to be able to get all those little Os in her mouth. I can tell how frustrated she is in the way she cries while sitting down, leaning forward to try to get to whatever is out of her reach. I can tell by how she struggles to sit up when she accidently lets herself get on her back. I can tell by how she furrows her brow and concentrates so hard while her fingers chase her food around her tray.

She’s close, so close, but just not there yet. I know she’ll get there, and soon, but it’s not like you can explain that to a baby. I’m sure all the mamas of mobile babies are mentally yelling at me to enjoy it while I can. Pretty soon I’ll be on a constant loop of “Stay out of the cat food!” and “Don’t pull her tail!” so I should enjoy my last few weeks of non-mobility while it lasts.

Now if only I could tell her that.

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