Dear Amelia {eight months}


Dear Amelia,

Holy cow, you’re eight months old! You are growing so rapidly, I’m trying hard not to blink because I don’t want to miss anything.

This past month has brought on a lot of changes. You cut your first tooth, went on your first plane trip, went out of state for the first time, met tons of relatives, and you are now really close to learning how to crawl. I get a kick out of watching you flounder trying to figure out how to move your arms and legs to go. Don’t worry, you’ll get there soon enough and will be wreaking havoc on the whole house, especially the cats.

The biggest change (for both of us) has been adapting to life sans Daddy. It’s been difficult for both of us, but pretty soon we’ll be gearing up for the biggest change ever: Moving to Indianapolis! I can’t wait to take you on this adventure. If there is one thing your Daddy and I love, it’s seeing new places. We definitely want to instill that love in you.

Amelia, you are definitely my daughter. You inherited my eyes and my love to be the center of attention. And let’s not forget our mutual love of talking. You love to hear your own voice! And we all do, it’s the sweetest sound in the world. You are bright and inquisitive. You love to “read” books and be sang to. You have a couple new favorite games to play, too: “Let’s pass Amelia back and forth” in which you get handed from one person to another, and “Let’s pull everything out of this bag” in which you find a bag and pull everything out of it. I actually really like this one, it keeps you occupied while I do other things, like get dressed or eat.

You are getting prettier by the day. You have the biggest, bluest eyes and the most adorable smile in the world. The best part of my day is picking you up from daycare and getting the biggest smile in the world while you practically fall out of whatever you’re in trying to get to me. It makes my heart melt to know you love me almost as much as I love you.

It’s hard to believe in four short months you will be one whole year old. I keep willing time to slow down, but it just seems to be going by faster and faster. Every time I see a little girl, I wonder what you will be like at that age. You are the world’s best baby, I’m so incredibly blessed to be able to watch you grow up.

I love you times infinity forever.



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