Busy as a bee

Happy Memorial Day! Let’s all remember those who have fallen while serving our wonderful country. You are all so brave, and we are all so thankful for your sacrifice.

Do you ever sit down at night and not remember getting ready that morning because it literally feels like 50 years ago?

I feel like I can never get everything done in the day, but at the end of it, it’s lasted for…ev..er. With the holiday weekend, work was crazy and exhausting last week. Every day I got home from the office and felt completely drained. There were conference calls and meetings and unexpected crises and I am just over it.

I have so much to do before A and I leave for Boston this week. I started packing everything up, but that in itself seems like a huge task. I made a list of everything I need, and it feels like it’s a lot of stuff. My suitcase that was always so huge and seemed bottomless when I was filling it for me now seems awfully small. I did get everything together (I think) for the plane trip up there. I’ve been doing research on traveling with babies, so I definitely will have a blog post when this trip is done about what worked and  didn’t work.

On the bright side, this long weekend has been wonderfully relaxing. My best friend Emily is here for a girl’s weekend, which has included a lot of junk food, cheesy romantic movies, Say Yes to the Dress, and wine. In other words, a perfect weekend. We also took A to her very first LSU outing yesterday! It’s hard to believe she is eight months old (yikes, I really need to take her pictures and write her eight month letter; add that to the to do list) and we’ve yet to bring her onto campus. It was really hot, but it was fun to see how much things have changed since I graduated four (!) years ago. This weekend was Bayou Country Superfest so it was also fun to people watch and listen to some music without having to pay the $50+ to go to the actual concert. She even met Mike for the first time.

It also gave me some much needed practice using the Ergo in the hip carry position.

geaux tigers

Today there’s not much on the schedule. A is napping, and I’m relaxing with a latte. Even though I still feel completely overwhelmed with all I need to get done (cleaning, laundry, errands, oh my!), I’m trying to enjoy myself on my day off. This week is definitely going to be another busy one, but at least it will be busy for really good reasons.

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