Before we go any further, let me just give a big disclaimer: This is a post about my baby’s poop. If you can’t handle that, you should probably stop reading.

No, there are no pictures. Yes, I’m aware one day A will probably hate me for posting this.

Since starting solid foods, A has had some trouble with constipation. And by some I mean a lot. It was extremely frustrating for me because it seemed no matter what I fed her, it stopped her up. She would go days without pooping. No one seemed concerned about this since she wasn’t fussing about it, until she actually had to go. I hated watching her strain and cry just to go number 2.

After a lot of research, calls to the pedestrian, and trial and error, we seem to have stumbled upon a diet that works. And this is probably no surprise, but this diet is high fiber. A eats a lot of peaches (did you know peaches are known as “nature’s laxatives”? Because I sure didn’t), pears, peas, and oatmeal. I try to avoid bananas and apple sauce, which is hard because those are two fan favorites. If I do give her those foods, I try to mix them with something high in fiber. Banana and apricot, apples and peach are big hits. Oatmeal mixed with just about any fruit is also a staple (we’re currently on a berry kick).

The reason I’m writing about my baby’s issues with constipation is because…well…I’m running out of ideas. I would love to have time to experiment with baby friendly recipes that incorporate all those fruits and veggies, but I don’t. A doesn’t seem to mind constant repetition in  the kitchen, but I’m getting a little bored. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before A feels the same. I feel like I’m dependent on what I know already works, but I feel like there must be more options I or Google haven’t stumbled upon yet.

Keeping these dietary needs in mind, does anyone have any kickass baby friendly recipes they’d like to share? Ones that are quick and easy for weeknights, or ones that can be made ahead on the weekends? Baby A and I will be forever grateful if you help us change up our kitchen routine.

One thought on “WARNING: TMI Ahead.

  1. This has become an issue for us every since Button started on her iron supplements. It’s a pretty common issue with those. Before that she had no problems. Thank goodness it is only for a month.
    Anyway, I don’t have any ideas for baby food other than what you’ve already said. Fruits that start with “P” are apparently really good for this issue. I just bought her some prunes and that did the trick.
    My friend and I are constantly discussing our babies’ movements and I just remarked yesterday that if anyone was listening in all they would think we discussed was baby poop (well that and the new HOA).

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