Dear Amelia {Seven Months}

amelia 7 months

Dear Amelia,

You are now seven months old. In just five short months, you will be one whole year old. We will also be moving shortly after, so I am determined to make the most of the next five months with you here in your home state.

So what’s new in your world in the past month? Well, you are officially into everything. Nothing is safe around you anymore. If you see it, you want it, and you will do anything you can to get it. Your favorite “No Amelia” objects are iPhones, the TV remote, and the Playstation controller. You’ve mastered sitting unassisted, which means you cannot stand laying down. Unless you get yourself there. Which is the pretty much the theme of your life right now: It’s not okay unless I do it myself.

You’re taking your time with some other developmental milestones, like scooting and crawling and pulling up on things, which I am totes okay with. I know you’ll get there when you’re ready too. We’re still waiting on your first tooth, which makes me wonder if you’re going to be one of those babies who has no teeth til they’re one.

Even without teeth, you are more into food than ever. If you see me eating, you want to eat too. This means I am no longer able to eat certain things in front of you, because you think everything is for sharing. Apparently this spreads to daycare too, because I am often told you try to steal other babies’ food. I’m not sure where you are putting all the food you eat, because I can definitely still fit you in your 0-3 onesies, and all of your 3-6 clothes still fit perfectly. You eat table food like a champ. Pretty much anything we put in your mouth you love. I know this won’t always be the case, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts. You’re starting to learn how to pick up your food on your own. Sometimes it actually makes it to your mouth, too.

It amazes me how much you continue to grow and change. In seven incredibly short months, you have gone from a colicky newborn to a happy, active, talkative baby. And in seven more months you will be a toddler. I couldn’t want anything more from you as a baby. You are the happiest, smiliest, funniest baby ever. The only thing I could ever ask for would be for time to go by a little slower.

I love you to the moon and back.



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