Change of scenery

It’s been killing me sitting on this for the past few weeks, but we here at HSM have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT…

We’re moving…


John accepted a job in Indy, so these little southern folks are headed up to America’s heartland. I am excited, mostly because this is a great opportunity for John and our family. But I’m also terrified. Change is always scary and this is a huge change. I’m a southern girl. Yes, I lived in Boston for a while, but my heart and home have always been Louisiana. Plus the main reason (other than being close to John) that I left the great northeast was because it was so frigging cold. I hear Indiana gets pretty chilly too. And it snows.

John will be on his way within the month, but A and I will be hanging out here for a little while longer. I really want to celebrate her first birthday here, where everyone who loves her can be there. This means I have five-ish months to figure out how I’m going to get all our worlds possessions up there as well as square everything away down here.

I never thought I would live in the Midwest. If you asked me in January if I thought this year would involve a move like this, I would have laughed. But I am and it is, so I’m trying to get ready for it. Anyone have some awesome tips for moving out of state with a baby/toddler or living in Indy? I don’t know ANYTHING about Indianapolis or Indiana, or living in a non-coastal state, so I will take any advice I can get.

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