Best baby toys as approved by Baby A (and HSM!)

**This post is not endorsed by any of the products mentioned or linked to, although God knows I wish it was.**

Keeping it light and fun today, folks. I’m in no mood for serious conversations, and I’m sure you aren’t either. John is out of town, so A and I are having a girl’s weekend. I think we’re going to lay low this weekend, maybe do some grocery shopping, some laundry, and a lot of playing.

Speaking of playing, I’ve been meaning to write about the toys that have been a huge hit for Baby A. Now seems like a great time to do that. What could be more fun or lighter than playing?

A has A LOT of toys. Some she plays with over and over, but most haven’t seen a lot of action. In general, I’ve found the smaller and more simple the toy, the more she loves it. I’ve thrown together this list with the following qualifications: Popularity, size/portability, and price. Obviously, A has to love it, but Mama has to love it too, which means it needs to travel easily and be relatively inexpensive. All of the following can be purchased (or made) for $10 or under.

So, without further ado, here are the toys playing on repeat at Chez Baby A:

1. Baby Einstein’s Take Along Tunes (~$8)

This has been one of A’s favorite toys from the get go. She has always really loved the flashing lights and the music. I’ve always loved it doesn’t play super annoying songs. Now that she can press the button and make it go on her own, I love it even more.

2. Oball rattle (~$6 at Target)

Baby A plays! And reaches for her real favorite toy: Mommy's iPhone.

Baby A plays! And reaches for her real favorite toy: Mommy’s iPhone.

This is a great one because babies can hold onto it right away. It’s also versatile. It’s a rattle! It’s a ball! It rolls! It shakes! And if you’re Baby A, you are bound and determined to get it into your mouth, some how, some way. Plus, it can’t break no matter how hard your baby throws it, which if they are like A, is pretty damn hard.

3. Taggies blanket (price fluctuates depending on how you make it, but I’m sure this can be done for $10. Taggies blankets at Target retail for about that much.)

What is it about tags babies love? A loves shoving the tags on the edge of this blanket in her mouth. Ours is quickly becoming a favored “lovie” as she often rubs the fleece and tags when she’s falling asleep. If you are very crafty and into DIY, you can make one yourself (this seems like a pretty easy tutorial). Or you can just have a friend who is good at these things and let them make one for you. Which is what I did. Or you can buy one. Whatever floats your boat.

4. Jacques the Peacock (and other Lamaze sensory toys) (~$10)

I’ve said before how much A loves her peacock toy from Lamaze. It has a rattle, a squeaker, crinkly feathers, a mirror, and it’s super fun to shove his face in her mouth. This toy is so popular with A, it’s definitely made the “taking on the plane” cut next month. We also have “My Friend Emily” which is a big hit, too. These toys really are awesome, they’re light and soft so they can be shoved in a diaper bag, they can attach to a stroller or car seat, and there’s a ton of things for baby to discover on them.

5. Where’s Baby’s Belly Button? And other favorite board books (~$5-7)

A has really gotten into books lately. She especially likes ones with bright colors and things to “do”. Lift the flap books are a big hit, as are books with mirrors, different textures, etc. Other favorites include It’s a Small World: Guess Who?, DK Touch and Feel books, and this look and find by Baby Einstein (lots of colors, fun to chew on). She also loves the $1 board books from the $1 section at Target. Go figure.

All of these toys have withstood the test of time and have been favorites since A was a smaller baby. She plays with them over and over, and some combination of them usually go where we go.

Honorable mentions (excluded from the top 5 for price/size): Activity gym, jumperoo/exersaucer. Both are awesome for keeping babies entertained while you get some things done. Both can be pricey (a basic activity gym can be found for about $20), and take up a lot of room and aren’t travel friendly. But they’ve also been huge hits in our house. A loves her FP piano gym and her FP jumperoo. And I can do the dishes and cook dinner again. It’s a win-win!

What are some of your baby’s favorite toys? What toy is your absolute go to? Let me know in the comments and I’ll post links in my next post!


One thought on “Best baby toys as approved by Baby A (and HSM!)

  1. Right now Button is loving her Princess Castle and the baby doll your mom got her for her birthday (Manhattan toy Baby Stella Doll). And her little motorcycle was a big hit for a while. These are more toddler toys. She loved her exersaucer for a while but once she became mobile she didn’t want to play in it anymore. When she was about A’s age she liked anything that made a crinkly sound. Her other favorite thing is anything her brother has.

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