Night and day

I’m not entirely sure when it happened, but at some point in A’s short life, a switch flipped, and she became the world’s happiest baby. It was almost literally an overnight change. The past few weeks we have been enjoying what seems to be a brand new baby. One that naps well, sleeps through the night, and sleep in her own bed.

Seriously, she naps twice a day, an almost three hour nap in the morning, then one to two hour nap in the afternoon. She goes down without a fuss. Then she even sleeps 12 hours at night! Gone are the days of her waking up at random times in the night wanting company. Gone are the days of her crying for hours on end. Gone are the days of wondering what I ever did to deserve this.

A lot of people ask me what made her change, thinking it must have been the transition to formula feeding or starting solids, but I assure them neither one of those things contributed. She just…grew up enough, I guess. I know sleep is psychological, not physiological, so it makes sense. She was simply mature enough, finally, to sleep all night, so she finally did.

It’s just a big fat bonus she does so in her own crib.

Of course none of this means I’m sleeping through the night. I wake up several times wondering if she’s okay, and if I can go check on her without waking her up. And if I’m being entirely honest, I kinda miss having her in bed with me. She is a very sweet cuddler.

So, since we’ve been enjoying such an amazing baby lately, I guess we were due for a bad day. Or weekend, as it’s turning out.

A has been, for lack of a better word, a mess this weekend: Fussing non-stop, crying way more than usual, and not wanting to go to sleep, for naps or bedtime. I took me three tries to get her down last night. And I was woken up via her screaming bloody murder over the monitor. Guess who slept with Mommy and Daddy last night? Yep. I was almost a little excited about snuggling, but she is now flipping and rolling A LOT at night, and her flailing limbs made sleep hard to come by.

For me, anyway, A slept great.

In her defense, she is not feeling well this weekend. At all. We’ve been speculating for a while she may be cutting a tooth, but it looks like this may finally be it. Her nose is stuffy and runny (at the same time!), she has been running a low grade fever, everything is in her mouth and she is REALLY chewing, and yesterday I tried to check her bottom gum with my finger and she whipped her head away and screamed.

At least that’s what I’m banking on. Otherwise, we’re going to have to to the doctor again and I am sick and tired of that waiting room.

Hopefully this cranky alien baby who has invaded the body of my sweet little angel vacates premises soon. I miss my happy girl.

**Who has really good teething remedies? We’ve tried freezing wash clothes, traditional teethers, teething tablets, and of course infant Tylenol. I’m willing to try anything to help make this girl feel better.**

2 thoughts on “Night and day

  1. I don’t have any teething remedies, sorry. . . But I can tell you that babies do have fairly normal sleep regression on and off throughout their baby hoods and childhood! Just when you think you have them squared away for a full night’s sleep, bam! They are waking up again with teething or a cold, or just growing pains. Your happy baby will be soon to return, no worries!

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