Leaping Liebsters?


The great thing about the Internet is it can not only connect you to new people and new things, but it also can reconnect you to people you’ve lost contact with in amazing ways.

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by fellow blogger Sarabeth whose blog, Life’s Lagniappe, I have really enjoyed reading. To quote Sarabeth, “The Liebster Award is a recognition from small blog to small blog that helps us gain exposure and make new blogger friends. This award is great because 1. who doesn’t love to win things? and 2. it involves making lists and who doesn’t like to make lists?” (um, I love lists, so much I have a tag for it). Also everything revolves around the number 11 which is the best number ever.

Like everything, it comes with a few rules:

  1. Write 11 facts about yourself.
  2. Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Nominate other blogs.
  4. Create 11 questions for them to answer

So, here we go!

11 facts about HSM:

  1. Most people would be ashamed to admit my taste in music. I am unapologetic about my bad taste in jams. I love show tunes, top 40, and country.
  2. I am the youngest of three and the only girl.
  3. I slept with a “lovie” till A was born, then I gave it to her.
  4. I have no aptitude for interior decorating. My house will never look like it belongs in a Pottery Barn catalog, and I’m okay with that.
  5. I am addicted to Diet Coke. Specifically, I am addicted to fountain Diet Coke. I’ll drink it from a can but it is ASTRONOMICALLY better as a fountain drink.
  6. My biggest character flaw is jealousy. I have always had trouble being content with what I have.
  7. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
  8. My biggest fear with writing Hot Shot Mama is being on display as a mother. Moms are scrutinized pretty hard, generally speaking, and by writing about all my successes, failures, or decisions I definitely open myself up to more criticism.
  9. I worry too much.
  10. I am a master procrastinator.
  11. I am thankful for text messaging, email, and restaurants who let you order online, because I really hate making phone calls.

I, HSM, nominate:

  1. Emilie Bee
  2. Annie, I think

In which I answer 11 questions:

  1. If you could move anywhere today, where would you move and why? Assuming money is no object, I’d move back to Boston. Even though it was stupid cold, I loved being so close to my family up there.
  2. What is your favorite thing to blog about? My daughter. Baby A is a constant source of inspiration for me. I consider Hot Shot Mama to be sort of a virtual baby book, so she holds me accountable as a writer.
  3. What is your favorite restaurant and your favorite dish there? It’s a tie between Monjuni’s Chicken Parmesan and La Carretta’s Diabla Shrimp.
  4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself as a full time blogger and stay at home mom to (hopefully) Baby A and her future sibling.
  5. Favorite dessert? Boston Cream Pie or anything chocolate.
  6. Favorite hobby? Writing. Also: Eating and napping. Do those count?
  7. What hobby do you keep telling yourself you need to take time to get into? Sewing. I see all these adorable DIY projects and they ALL INCLUDE SEWING.
  8. What is your favorite book? It’s impossible to pick one, so my top three are: Eat Pray Love, The Great Gatsby, and Harry Potter.
  9. Where do you hope to travel to this year? Outside of our trip to Boston I don’t anticipate much travel this year, but I would like to take A to the beach.
  10. Least favorite movie? I hate, hate, HATE any and all horror movies.
  11. List three things on your bucket list. 1. Take A to Europe 2. Live debt free (DIE STUDENT LOANS, DIE!) 3. Learn to mountain climb

In which I ask 11 questions:

  1. If you could ask anyone anything who and what would you ask?
  2. If you knew today was your last day on Earth, what would you do?
  3. What is your biggest fear?
  4. What do you hope to accomplish this year?
  5. What are three things you can’t live without?
  6. What’s your perfect meal?
  7. Where is your favorite place to be?
  8. If you won the lottery, what would you buy first?
  9. Why did you start blogging?
  10. What’s the hardest thing about writing?
  11. If you could relive any day in your life, what day would it be?

*I did a little informal research, and there doesn’t appear to be any uniform “rules” to the Liebster Award. If you want to participate, I say jump in! You can link back to me if anyone is curious where you got it from. Don’t like the rules? That’s okay too! I found at least three different versions. Make up your own! I think as long as we are connecting with each other and learning new things, the Liebster Award is doing what it’s intended (and if it gets a few more people to take a look at what we’re doing, that’s good, too).

One thought on “Leaping Liebsters?

  1. #9 is incorrect if “this year” means 365 days from today. You’re definitely coming to Texas for SOMETHING before the big day!

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