Dear Amelia {Six Months}


Dear Amelia,

How is it possible that we are already here again? These months are going by faster and faster.

This month is especially important, because you are six months old now. What does that mean? Well, it means you were born half year ago. If we were still counting your age in weeks, you would be 26 weeks old (or the same amount of weeks that I am years, which is a little amusing). And if we want to get really crazy, we could also say you are 185 days old.

So what’s new in your world now? You can officially sit up on your own, most of the time. You do pretty well with it before you get distracted and topple over. You have completely mastered rolling over, and that is your main form of momentum when you aren’t being carried somewhere. You are starting to work on scooting on your belly, but so far you haven’t quite got the hang of it, thank god, because we haven’t baby-proofed yet.

You are also eating a TON OF FOOD. I’m going to document everything you’ve eaten and liked here so when you are five and terribly picky and refusing to eat your veggies I can say, “See? You liked peas once! YOU WILL LIKE THEM NOW.”

Foods Baby A will eat:

  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • Green beans
  • Sweet potato
  • Squash
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Cantaloupe
  • Watermelon
  • Blueberries
  • Pears
  • Mangoes
  • Peaches
  • Oatmeal

You LOVE to eat. I don’t even think it matters to you what’s in the bottle or on the spoon, as long as it is going in your mouth. We just started giving you breakfast, and you think it’s the best thing ever. You can even drink from a cup (no lie, I don’t even know how you figured that one out, you were just able to do it).

You are laughing and giggling at everything. Seriously, everything is hilarious to you, but it makes me feel incredibly special that I can make you laugh the most and the loudest. It’s no secret that I am your favorite. I often hear, “She just wants her mommy,” and it’s true. You can be screaming bloody murder (and good lord help us, can you do that, you are already throwing toddler like tantrums, and it is frightening), and if I pick you up you stop. I suppose I should feel a little guilty you like me best, but I know it won’t always be the case, so I’m just going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Even though you’ve been here for six months, I still can’t believe I am your mom. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it every month because it will never stop being true: I am so lucky and so incredibly blessed to have you.

I love you times infinity forever.



P.S. Can we try to grow up a little slower?

6 months of Baby A

A turned SIX MONTHS OLD last Thursday.

Can you believe it?

I can’t.

She continues to shock and astound me daily with everything she can do. She’s getting so big, even if she is a very small six month old (I can still fit her in 0-3 month onesies, I’m not even remotely kidding you, and I just moved her into size two diapers; she could still fit in size ones, I just ran out and had a ton of twos, so up we moved). She’s starting to get mobile (rolling and scooting) and doesn’t ever want to sit still. Pretty soon she’ll be crawling, then walking, then I’ll have to send her off to college, and I’m just not sure I’m ready for all that yet.

We went to our niece’s first birthday party yesterday, and it blows my mind that I will be doing the same thing in just six short months. My little snugly baby is now closer to her first birthday than she is the day she was born. In  a lot of ways, this is incredibly exciting. It’s also sort of bittersweet. I know there is so much fun to be had, so many amazing things for her to see and learn in the next half a year, but I am already missing my little baby.

I know it won’t, but I hope the next six months go a little slower than the first.

I fully intend on my regularly scheduled “Dear Amelia” post (probably sometime this week, okay, definitely this week), but I wanted to post this so we can see how far we’ve come in the last six months:

6monthsofmiaHappy half birthday, Baby A!

Up up and away

A and I are going on an adventure!

My youngest cousin is graduating high school in June in Massachusetts. I was born there, my dad is from there, and our family is up there. I figured it was a perfect excuse to take a little vacation.

I’m so excited for her to meet my family, especially my Noni, her Nonna (that is my grandmother, her great-grandmother if you didn’t follow). And even though she won’t remember any of it, I’m still looking forward to showing her where her mama came from.

A and I will be flying the friendly skies with my parents since John isn’t able to go. Even though we won’t be alone, I’m still a little uneasy. I may be married to a pilot but I’m definitely a nervous flyer. Having John there always calms me down, but this time I’m going to have to put on my big girl panties and deal.

I’m a planner by nature, so even though our trip is over two months away, I’m already preparing since this will be my first time flying with a baby. I’ve pinned a ton of great articles on Pinterest, so I have a good start, but I’m definitely open to any and all suggestions.

What are your baby travel must haves? What should I leave behind? What’s the best advice you’ve got for flying with a baby? I’m all ears!

The Sleep Situation (part deux)

We have been working on getting A to sleep in her crib for the past few weeks. Most nights it’s hit or miss. She goes down around 7:00pm with little to no problem. Some nights she’ll cry, but usually she passes out with no intervention needed from us (every now and then we’ll have to pop in her room to settle her down, but it’s rare).

The problem arises anywhere between midnight and four AM. And by problem I mean actual problem and not my child, though that wakes up too. A inevitably wakes up at some point in that time frame and starts screaming.

I’ve tried letting her cry, I’ve tried going in there to settle her down. She’s not hungry and looking for a bottle. The only thing she’s looking for is company. The moment I take her into bed with us it’s all snuggles.

I don’t really mind this at four AM since we’re waking up pretty soon anyway, but when it happens at midnight I know I’m in for a long night.

So what I’m trying to say here is it hasn’t been easy. It was getting better, though. Last week, pre daylight savings, she slept two whole nights in her crib. Friday night she slept almost 14 hours in there. It was unbelievable.

Then the time changed and blew everything to hell.

Saturday night (morning? I don’t know) she woke up around 4:30am (which was like 3:30am) refusing to go back to sleep. Eventually we gave her a bottle, and after sitting up and talking to herself for half an hour, she fell back asleep around 5:30am.

Every night since has been a replay of the same.

It’s miserable. And while we weren’t getting full nights of rest, we got a taste of it. We could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now I feel like I was hit by the train.

How long does it typically take babies to adjust to time changes? It can’t take that long, right? Please tell me it can’t.

ETA: I wrote this post Monday/Tuesday of this week with the intent to post it a lot sooner than this, but, you know, life happened. Since then, A has been doing a little better with sleeping. She has been taking a cat nap around 6:30pm each night after getting home (weird), so her bedtime is now closer to 8:00pm. Is that normal? I don’t know. I’m not sure I care, because she slept all night in her crib again last night, so whatever works at this point, I’m game. 

Growing pains

The past couple of months have brought a lot of new and exciting developments in A’s life. We’re in the really fun part of babyhood where we’re finally getting rewarded for all our hard work. She’s constantly laughing, smiling and learning new things. She’s starting to get object permanence so it’s fun to watch her figure things out.

But not every development has been so awesome. In the past month we have made a permanent move to bottle feeding. This came on the heels of the illnesses A and I had. With both of us on antibiotics (me on some super strong ones), both my doctor and A’s pediatrician felt it better if I did not nurse while we were both on medication.

To be honest, we had been moving towards this for a while. Establishing a pumping routine at work was nearly impossible as my job involves a lot of driving. Because of this my supply had been slowly dwindling, and I was down to only nursing twice a day. This cessation of nursing was pretty much the final straw to bottle feed full time. Part of me is even a little relieved. I was constantly worried she wasn’t getting enough, as well as perpetually stressed about pumping. Plus I was supplementing pretty heavily, so it was pretty much an effortless transition. I’m not going to lie, it’s also nice to be able to hand her to someone else for meals and not the sole food provider.

I have made no secret about my guilt over not being able to exclusively breast feed. I make a big deal about being an advocate of “whatever works” parenting, but I seem to struggle when it comes to me personally. I’m sure this is universal: The belief it’s okay for others but for you nothing short of super-mom is good enough. I’m trying hard not to compare myself to other moms, because it’s stupid and pointless. It doesn’t change I am where I am, and in the end makes me feel worse about myself.

It helps to have found support in women who are in the same boat as me, too. I have found a home over at Fearless Formula Feeder. It’s comforting to read the stories of other moms like me and know I am not alone. I feel like I’ve finally found the mommy group I was always meant to be a part of. Before I felt like an outsider looking into a world I didn’t get to be a part of because I was doing something differently.  It’s great to have a space where I don’t feel judged or like I’m less of a mom for using formula.

I am hopeful that the next time we have a baby nursing will be easier. And if I’m being honest, I do miss it. I miss the closeness, the snuggles, and feeling her little hands patting me, so I’m allowing myself time to grieve the death of our nursing relationship. I know A is doing fine on formula, and I know she will continue to be happy and healthy not despite how she’s fed but maybe even because of it.

My baby is thriving. That’s all that matters. Soon, I will be too.

Dear Amelia {Five Months}


Dear Amelia,

It’s hard to believe you are five months old, but you are. It’s amazing and saddening all at the same time.

You continue to astound your Daddy and me daily with all you do. New accomplishments in the past month include sleeping in your crib (sometimes) (last night was your first night to sleep there all night long), eating all sorts of yummy food (carrots and surprisingly peas top your favorites list), and a belly laugh that would make even the most cynical person ever smile.

Seriously, while we’re on the subject of it, your smile could break hearts. One day it will, but for now you use it to woo strangers in the grocery store and melt Mama’s heart. Pretty soon that smile could have its first tooth because we are pretty sure you’re cutting one.

You are a beautiful baby, and it’s not just me who says so. It’s been independently verified by others. Someone even asked us recently if we were going to put you in baby pageants. We won’t, because you would be way cuter than all the other babies, and I don’t want to be responsible for their low self esteem.

You are inquisitive and curious and strong willed. If you could, you would be into everything. You cannot wait to sit unassisted and you are angry you can’t yet. Pretty soon you’ll be giving us a run for our money. You roll over in all directions, and you love to play. Your favorite games right now are peek-a-boo and can-I-fit-this-in-my-mouth.

Mimi, to me, you are the cutest, sweetest, funniest baby in the whole world. Every day with you is better than the last. It’s hard to believe this time next month you will be six months old and inching closer and closer to the one year mark. It seems like just yesterday you were my snuggly little newborn. Now you are a fully interactive baby, which is awesome, but sometimes I miss cradling you all day long. Luckily you still love to cuddle. Hopefully you always will.

I love you to the moon and back.