Sick City

For the past month I have been living in sick city.

A went to the doctor back in January for her four month well baby visit and our pediatrician said she had a little cold. No biggie, just saline and aspirate and all that jazz. Got it.

Then John got sick. Then I got sick. And two weeks later we trekked back to the doctor because A had pink eye, and her cold was still lingering.

John caught the pink eye. I didn’t. I started to feel better. John developed a nasty cough. A few days later I caught that, too.

Fast forward to last Friday, and A is STILL SICK OMG and her daycare calls to say she is coughing a lot, has thrown up her last feeding, is running a low grade fever, and could someone come get her plzkthx?

Back to the doctor we go!

This time I was set to put my foot down. Because obviously, this child does not have a cold if it has lasted almost a full month. Luckily her ears and lungs were clear, but the doctor (who is not Dr. Baby, but Dr. Baby’s colleague) decided to treat it like a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics.

At some point last week I developed an awful cough too. I put off going to the doctor as long as possible because I am a big weenie. It’s not that I hate doctors per se, I just don’t have a primary care physician so going to the doctor means going to the walk in clinic, and it always seems to end up being a pain and expensive. (I am in the process of finding a PCP I like now.) Monday morning I woke up feeling like absolute crap; I knew I could never work feeling like that, so I dragged myself to the doctor, where I was promptly told I have Bronchitis. I was given I steroid shot and a prescription for some of the strongest antibiotics I have ever taken.

So after a full month of living in a house that should probably be quarantined, we are all finally feeling better. I’m hopeful life will return to its regularly scheduled chaos soon, which will mean more regular posting. I actually feel so bad about the lack of activity over here I’m posting from my iPhone, so please forgive any errors or autocorrects.

Thanks for bearing with me while we all got well. I have a lot lined up, so I’ll make it up to y’all, I swear :).

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