Happy Valentine’s Day + Dear Amelia {4 Months…ish)

I hope you all are having a better Valentine’s Day than we are. I got the dreaded “your child is sick, come get her” call from daycare this morning, so my little valentine and I have a date with the pediatrician this afternoon. I’ve never been a big V-Day fan; we always seem to have bad luck on this day, and it looks like A’s first is no different.

At any rate, I’m finally posting her four month letter! I feel bad it’s so late. And I didn’t get to take a normal picture, either. One day she’s going to look back and wonder why her fourth month is different than all the others. Oh well.

If she looks grumpy it's because she was.

If she looks grumpy it’s because she was.

Dear Amelia,

You may notice this month’s letter is a little late. Sorry about that! To say we’ve been busy is putting it mildly. Between work and daycare and trips to see your Nonni and Grampy I haven’t had a lot of time at home to write you.

You are growing by leaps and bounds, though you may not know it by looking at you. You are still a tiny baby, but people should not be fooled by your size. You are a little girl with a big personality.

You are also very strong. You can’t stand to be cradled (unless you are sleepy, then you just want to snuggle in like a sweet newborn again, and I love it). You want to sit up and stand up and generally see what the heck is going on. You can roll over and kick your legs so hard I’m surprised you haven’t fallen off or out if anything yet.

You’ve started solids, which you love. You are all about eating! You especially love grabbing the spoon from me. If this is any indication of a “I’ll do it myself” attitude, we have a long road ahead of us.

You can babble and laugh. My favorite thing to do is make you smile and giggle. Luckily it’s not very hard to do. I’m happy to report your disposition has improved greatly, and generally speaking you are a content baby, although I’m still not sure happy is your default mood.

Amelia, you continue to be the biggest joy of my life. Everyday with you is better than the last. As far as I’m concerned, I’m the luckiest mom in the world because I get to have you as my daughter.



Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! You all rock my socks, thank you for reading and supporting HSM! I appreciate every view, every like and every comment more than you know!

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day + Dear Amelia {4 Months…ish)

  1. Awww! Someone beat me to it! If Mia doesn’t want double bears, I can mail you the receipt. I think she looks adorable even if she is being a grumpalumpagus!

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