Sick City

For the past month I have been living in sick city.

A went to the doctor back in January for her four month well baby visit and our pediatrician said she had a little cold. No biggie, just saline and aspirate and all that jazz. Got it.

Then John got sick. Then I got sick. And two weeks later we trekked back to the doctor because A had pink eye, and her cold was still lingering.

John caught the pink eye. I didn’t. I started to feel better. John developed a nasty cough. A few days later I caught that, too.

Fast forward to last Friday, and A is STILL SICK OMG and her daycare calls to say she is coughing a lot, has thrown up her last feeding, is running a low grade fever, and could someone come get her plzkthx?

Back to the doctor we go!

This time I was set to put my foot down. Because obviously, this child does not have a cold if it has lasted almost a full month. Luckily her ears and lungs were clear, but the doctor (who is not Dr. Baby, but Dr. Baby’s colleague) decided to treat it like a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics.

At some point last week I developed an awful cough too. I put off going to the doctor as long as possible because I am a big weenie. It’s not that I hate doctors per se, I just don’t have a primary care physician so going to the doctor means going to the walk in clinic, and it always seems to end up being a pain and expensive. (I am in the process of finding a PCP I like now.) Monday morning I woke up feeling like absolute crap; I knew I could never work feeling like that, so I dragged myself to the doctor, where I was promptly told I have Bronchitis. I was given I steroid shot and a prescription for some of the strongest antibiotics I have ever taken.

So after a full month of living in a house that should probably be quarantined, we are all finally feeling better. I’m hopeful life will return to its regularly scheduled chaos soon, which will mean more regular posting. I actually feel so bad about the lack of activity over here I’m posting from my iPhone, so please forgive any errors or autocorrects.

Thanks for bearing with me while we all got well. I have a lot lined up, so I’ll make it up to y’all, I swear :).

Mommy Make-up Must Haves

Once upon a time, I loved make up. I had a ton of it. I could and would spend hours and hundreds of dollars in Sephora. I would spend at least 30 minutes doing my make up every morning. Sometimes longer.

Somewhere along the line in my pregnancy I stopped. It got to be too much, too hot to slather everything on my face. While I was on maternity leave I hardly ever had the need to wear any. But being back at work means make up is a part of my morning ritual again.

However my morning ritual also includes making bottles, making breakfast, getting a baby fed, getting a baby dressed, getting dressed myself, and getting out the door in time to drop A off at daycare and get to work on time. Fitting my old half an hour make up routine in there would mean waking up half an hour earlier. And frankly, that’s just not going to happen.

In the past almost five months I have figured out how to trim down my old 30 minute routine into a “good enough” routine. Is it perfect? No, but it looks good and lasts all day, and I can do it or finish it at work if I have to. I have found a few products that are pretty indispensable in the mommy make up toolbox. All can be found at Target, Wal Mart or CVS (which means they are all drug store prices, seriously you can buy all of these for the same amount as a tube of Laura Mercier foundation).


1. Tinted moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer is a great substitute for foundation (especially in the south). I love anything that knocks out a step. Most have SPF in them, too. I like Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream, $12.97 at Wal Mart. It smells AH-MAZ-ING. A similar option is Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, $7.44.

2. “Everyday” lipstick

Blame Pinterest, but I am loving a nude lip right now. It’s great for work or everyday use (paired with a smokey eye would be great for evening, too). Wet n’ Wild in Birthday Suit, $1.99, is awesome, and I dare you to beat the price. I also really like Revlon Smoked Peach, $4.97, or Rimmel Airy Fairy, $4.63. Both are in the nude family but also add a touch of subtle color. (If you prefer something a little bolder or darker, go for it!)

3. Tinted lip balm

When you don’t want to use full on lipstick, a favorite tinted lip balm is a great thing to have in your back pocket (or purse). I love love LOVE Maybelline BabyLips, $2.97. It has just the right amount of color, smells good and makes dry, chapped lips feel awesome.

4. White eyeliner

I read somewhere that using white eyeliner in your water line makes your eyes look bigger. I recently started doing this and was surprised at how well it works. It definitely helps make tired mommy eyes look more alert, a Godsend for a working mom! NYC Kohl eyeliner pencil for a whopping $0.93.

5. Loose powder one shade darker than normal

I don’t know if I read this somewhere or if I made it up, but I use loose powder that’s one shade darker than my base color on my eyelids and on my under eye circles. It’s a great base for eyeshadow and covers those pesky dark circles well and isn’t as heavy as a concealer is. I like NYC Smooth Mineral Loose Powder, $4.99.

6. Lightweight foundation

Sometimes you need foundation. It’s a fact. I love a spray foundation (I know I know, aerosol cans are the devil, but they provide great coverage while it feels like you literally have nothing on), but I have yet to find one at a reasonable price (if you know one holla atcha girl). Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation, $7.94, is my favorite alternative so far.

7. A good primer

All make up artists love primer. “Always use primer!” they say. I don’t always use it, but when I do I love Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc Free Correcting Primer, about $10.95. It really works wonder in evening out your skin tones.

8. Natural eyeliner and shadow

I used to love using charcoal or black eyeliner and bold shadows. Those days are gone, and now I prefer much more subtle and forgiving natural tones. I have blue eyes so I favor browns and tans, but you can google your eye color plus eye make up to find the best colors for you (if you don’t already know). I like Rimmel Soft Kohl Intense and Smokey Eyeliner in sable brown, $3.12, and Rimmel Glam Eyes in Orion, $3.57.

I can honestly say all of these make my make up routine a little easier. And considerably cheaper. I keep them all in a little plastic bin on my bathroom counter so I don’t have to fish through piles of other things like I used to. Sometimes I miss my extravagant make up days, picking out color combos to go out with friends and spending countless hours playing at Sephora, but then my baby giggles at my mascara face as I rush to get ready in the morning, and it makes my new mommy make up routine totally worth it.


My last post was my 100th post on this blog.

For a lot of bloggers, this is probably not a very big milestone. Just a step along the way to something bigger, something better. And maybe it’s that for me too, eventually, but it also symbolizes something else.

I’ve started a lot of blogs, and other than a Livejournal I had when I was in high school/college, I’ve never really been able to carry them through to anything. I would start strong, but eventually lose interest. At some point I would notice I hadn’t written in a day, a week, a month, and instead of revitalizing it I would just let it go, embarrassed I hadn’t been able to make it work.

I’ve definitely had weeks where posting wasn’t the most important thing to me. But even when I’ve let a week go without writing, I’ve picked it back up and stuck to it. So while 100 posts may not mean much to other people, I’m proud of this accomplishment. I’m proud of the readership I’m building. I’m proud of myself for keeping it going. And it’s still a long way off from something bigger, something better, but I feel like I’m on my way to it, 100 posts, thousands of words, behind me, limitless potential ahead.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping me to get to this milestone. Maybe I would have kept it up if no one was reading, but knowing you all were provided the proverbial kick in my butt to get going each week. Thanks for holding me accountable to myself. Thanks for making me keep going.

I’m really looking forward to the next 100 posts. I hope you are, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day + Dear Amelia {4 Months…ish)

I hope you all are having a better Valentine’s Day than we are. I got the dreaded “your child is sick, come get her” call from daycare this morning, so my little valentine and I have a date with the pediatrician this afternoon. I’ve never been a big V-Day fan; we always seem to have bad luck on this day, and it looks like A’s first is no different.

At any rate, I’m finally posting her four month letter! I feel bad it’s so late. And I didn’t get to take a normal picture, either. One day she’s going to look back and wonder why her fourth month is different than all the others. Oh well.

If she looks grumpy it's because she was.

If she looks grumpy it’s because she was.

Dear Amelia,

You may notice this month’s letter is a little late. Sorry about that! To say we’ve been busy is putting it mildly. Between work and daycare and trips to see your Nonni and Grampy I haven’t had a lot of time at home to write you.

You are growing by leaps and bounds, though you may not know it by looking at you. You are still a tiny baby, but people should not be fooled by your size. You are a little girl with a big personality.

You are also very strong. You can’t stand to be cradled (unless you are sleepy, then you just want to snuggle in like a sweet newborn again, and I love it). You want to sit up and stand up and generally see what the heck is going on. You can roll over and kick your legs so hard I’m surprised you haven’t fallen off or out if anything yet.

You’ve started solids, which you love. You are all about eating! You especially love grabbing the spoon from me. If this is any indication of a “I’ll do it myself” attitude, we have a long road ahead of us.

You can babble and laugh. My favorite thing to do is make you smile and giggle. Luckily it’s not very hard to do. I’m happy to report your disposition has improved greatly, and generally speaking you are a content baby, although I’m still not sure happy is your default mood.

Amelia, you continue to be the biggest joy of my life. Everyday with you is better than the last. As far as I’m concerned, I’m the luckiest mom in the world because I get to have you as my daughter.



Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! You all rock my socks, thank you for reading and supporting HSM! I appreciate every view, every like and every comment more than you know!

Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras from all of us here at HSM (and by all of us of course I mean me, Baby A, and John)! A will be spending her first Mardi Gras at home with Daddy, since daycare is closed for the holiday. Also it is rainy and cold and A is STILL FREAKING CONGESTED OH MY GOD. John and I also have caught colds so the whole house is not sleeping and miserable. It’s awesome.

(I did break down and buy a Nosefrida, even if it does completely gross me out. I now see why parents love it so much. That thing can really suck some snot. And that is a sentence I never thought I would say.)

Her daycare did have a Mardi Gras parade yesterday, which we got to go to. It was pretty adorable.

A on her "float"

A on her “float”

Let the good times roll!

Let the good times roll!

Throw me something Mister!

Throw me something Mister!

Sorry the pictures are so blurry. It was hard to get good shots since all I had was my iPhone, and they were really movin’, trying to keep to all the babies eat/sleep schedules. And the grandma next to me kept stepping out and waving at the kids.

That was our first and last parade this year, sadly. I wanted to take A to at least one, but the thought of taking a somewhat sick four month old out into the crappy weather we’ve been having made me shudder. Maybe next year.

Anyway, happiest of Mardi Gras to you and yours, even if you are in the frigid north right now. Take heart that everyone down here is partying for you, and if you are still snowed in (or even if you aren’t), feel free to party some yourself.

Not dead, just exhausted

I haven’t been having a very good week, which is why posting has been, ahem, light lately. I keep thinking I need to post, but then A starts crying, or I’m exhausted, or something. I really need to get A’s four month letter out, otherwise she will have months four and five back to back.

This isn’t a real post, either. I just wanted to let everyone know I am alive, and I haven’t forgotten about my blog. Just otherwise preoccupied.

To make it up to you, here is an adorable photo of Mademoiselle Fussypants.



We started solids a couple weeks ago, and she is all about them. As you can see, she is very “hands on” and “I can do it myself” already. Lord help me.

An early lesson in baby proofing

Baby proofing: If I’m being entirely honest, it’s one of those things I haven’t really thought much about. I kind of figured I had some time, since babies aren’t instantly mobile, and I could figure it out somewhere later down the line. I forgot how quickly time goes and how quickly babies grow.

Last night I got an early lesson in the importance of baby proofing. And how much of a pain in the butt it’s going to be.

(Before you call Child Protective Services on me, A was not harmed in any way last night. I was the only one who sustained an injury.)

A couple birthdays ago my mom got me a Scentsy warmer (translation, a wax warmer). It’s (was? I think you can see where this is going) probably one of my favorite things. It’s so much easier and more efficient than a regular candle, and I always figured it was safer too, since it does not require an open flame. Well, I guess safer really depends on how you use it. We had sort of fallen into the habit of never turning off the Scentsy, which I never thought was a big deal, i.e., no open flame, and we kept it in an area we never really mess with, the back corner of our breakfast bar.

Anyway, fast forward to last night: I was messing around in the general vicinity of the Scentsy, and I guess I managed to tug the cord, and BAM, the Scentsy went crashing down. Ceramic and hot wax was EVERYWHERE. It was basically horrible. After letting out a string of curse words that would have made a sailor squeamish, I figured I better start cleaning up this atrocity. I tried to sweep up the ceramic pieces, but some had dried into the wax. I was extremely frustrated, so I made the mistake of trying to pry the pieces out. The next thing I know there is something red dripping onto my tile. I didn’t immediately put two and two together, but pretty soon I was like, “Hey, the wax is purple. What the hell…” Which is when I realized I had sliced my thumb open.

It was basically adding injury to insult.

Keep in mind A was SCREAMING during all of this. She has had a little cold for the past week, and it has made her incredibly clingy. If you put her down longer than five minutes she has a fit. Eventually I gave up and texted John to come home and bring band-aids.

Anyway, the moral of this story is it’s never to early to baby proof. As I was cleaning up the wax this morning (I was so incredibly pissed last night I figured it couldn’t get any worse if I leave it over night), I realized how awful it would have been if this had happened a few months down the line when A is mobile. I’m not sure I ever would have thought about the Scentsy being a hazard since it’s not at “baby level”. Also it would have been pretty disastrous if one of the cats had been milling around my feet, as they often do. Just thinking of a cat running around in terror covered in wax makes me want to die.

So while it’s pretty unfortunate it happened at all, I’m very happy it happened now and to me.

The incredibly ironic thing is, I was trying to move A’s high chair (which was right in front of the Scentsy), because she has started grabbing at EVERYTHING. I usually keep her in the Bumbo seat on the counter while I’m in the kitchen (yes, I know this isn’t safe, and I shouldn’t do it, but I am literally right in front of her at all times), but since she has started reaching for things, I don’t want to do this anymore. I was going to put her in the high chair to keep her from trying to grab the stuff in the drainer. While trying to keep her contained and safe, I discovered what would have been a large baby proofing over sight.

This whole thing has inspired me to start Operation Organize and Baby Proof. I know the basics: Block off rooms you don’t want baby in, outlet covers, cabinet and drawer locks, toilet lid lock, etc. What are some of the more missed items on the baby proofing agenda?