Balancing act

I’ve been neglecting this poor little blog for the past week. I admit it, and I’m sorry for it. I don’t really have a great excuse, either. Nothing really happened except for, you know, life.

Last week was a little different in that A started daycare. It was a little intense for both of us. The first day was hard. When I left we were both in tears (me because I was leaving her, A probably not so much the same, probably just tired and cranky). But following days were better.

I am at peace with our child care decision. I love the center she goes to. Her “teachers” (that’s what they call them) are awesome, and they all really love the kids they care for. Of course, in a perfect world, I’d be able to stay home or afford a nanny. But life isn’t perfect, and sometimes you just have to accept things the way they are. I’ve come to be content with the fact I will always be a working mom in some regard. Maybe I won’t always have to work outside the house, but right now this is the life I have. I can either hate the circumstances, or I can be thankful for them. I have a good job that allows me to help support my family. It allows me to cover my family should anything happen. These things come at a price, though, and that’s time spent with my child. It sucks, but I’ve said before its’ the quality of time, not the quantity of time, that matters.

I guess I’ve always known life is a balancing act, but I am a little clumsy. I keep thinking as I get older things will get easier or make more sense or something, but they don’t. If anything it gets harder and more complicated. I tend to get caught up in the details of things and forget to just sit back and enjoy it every once in a while. I don’t want A to fall into that habit, so it’s important to me I remember to smell the roses, so to speak.

Anyway, the point of this stream of consciousness is to say it should be easy for me to post regularly from here out because I am sticking to my “write everyday” goal. I have several posts drafted, some even completed. So, theoretically, I should post at least every other day. I really like what I’ve got going on over here. I love writing this blog. I love the little community I’m starting to build. I want to commit to it fully. I’m hoping now that we’re in the swing of things and I seem to be on the mend from an AWFUL stomach bug I had over the weekend, I’ll be able to.

And just because I haven’t posted any pictures of our sweet Baby A recently, here she is, playing our new game: What can mommy do to make A laugh? The answer: Anything. Funny faces, funny noises, smiles, laughing, talking, whatever. I even made my “mad face” at her yesterday (that’s the face I make at John whenever he does something that annoys or irritates me), and it made her laugh. Y’all, I don’t think this kid is ever going to take me seriously.


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