5 things that make motherhood easier (for me)

Since it’s Sunday and we are in the throes of four month sleep regression, we’re going to keep it fun and simple today. 

Motherhood is no joke y’all. While it’s a lot of fun and extremely rewarding, it’s also really, really hard. Here’s a few things I find make the every day stuff easier.

1. Keurig coffee maker

As a coffee drinker, this is the best coffee maker I have ever had. Most days I survive off of coffee, especially now since we’re back to not sleeping a ton at night (four month sleep regression, I hate you). The Keurig is fast, easy, and convenient especially since John doesn’t drink coffee. I know some people argue it’s more expensive, but seeing as I used to brew half a pot because it was easier to measure, then throw most of that away, for me it evens out.

2. Smart phone or tablet

I’ve mentioned before how much I rely on my iPhone, but I don’t think I can say it enough. I would probably cease to function without it. At the very least I would forget a lot of things. I do everything on my phone: Email, draft blog posts, write grocery lists, pay bills. It’s my alarm clock, e-reader, and calendar. I wouldn’t be half as efficient without it.

3. Crock pot

I work 10-11 hours a day, so cooking often gets pushed to the side. But to keep in line with my goal of eating better, and not eating out as often, the crock pot is a lifesaver. My goal is to use it a few times a week so we can achieve optimal eating with minimal input from me.

4. Pinterest

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? I use it as a bigger, better, more organized bookmarks system. It’s my go to website when I’m looking for pretty much anything. I have gotten so many good ideas to help save time, money and sanity. Plus it answers the question, “What’s for dinner?” every time.

5. A supportive partner

This goes without saying, but it really helps when you have someone you can depend on to share the load. I’ve been lucky in that John is super helpful with everything (except maybe changing dirty diapers). He listens to me whine, plus he can get A to sleep faster than anyone.

What makes motherhood easier for you?

This is the second week in a row I’ve posted a fun little list like this, so I’m thinking I’m going to make it a weekly, Sunday Funday feature. Let me know what y’all think.

Also, Keurig did not sponsor this post, but if they would ever like to, I would be totes interested, Keurig! Holla at your coffee addict!

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