What’s in my diaper bag

I always love reading those “what’s in your diaper bag?” posts on other blogs, so I figured why not do one of my own? I’m a mom now, I have a diaper bag, and there are many things in it. I originally had another post slated for today, but after re-reading it I decided I wasn’t ready to post it yet. Plus this seemed way more fun, so here we go.

Disclaimer: I have a bad habit of not cleaning out my purses as often as I should. The same goes for the diaper bag. As a result, things sort of…accumulate. To keep this as true to life as possible I didn’t look through the bag before emptying it, so we’ll both be surprised by how much crap I haul around with us. I promise I’m not a hoarder.

The bag in question: Skip Hop’s Versa diaper bag. I like it because it doesn’t necessarily scream diaper bag. Also it has like 15 billion pockets. Okay, it’s more like ten, but still, pockets.

versaThe contents:


  1. Aden & Anais muslin blanket: I’ve said before I find these blankets indispensable baby items. Now that A is almost four months old, I stand by this assessment. We still use ours on a daily basis. I keep one in the bag mostly as a car seat cover, but it also doubles as a nursing cover or, you know, a swaddler (yes, we still swaddle A, some nights it’s the only way she’ll go to sleep).
  2. Things you put in the freezer: Left there from the last time I had a bottle with us and needed to keep it cool.
  3. Various mommy/baby hygiene products: Alcohol swabs left over from before she lost the umbilical cord stump (! yes that was like 3.5 months ago), hand lotion, chap stick, hand sanitizer, and Desitin.
  4. Baby Au Lait Nursing Cover: I could probably not carry this all the time, since I could use the A&A blanket. But I always forget to take it out. And when I put everything back in, it went right back in too. Oh well. I like it.
  5. Toys and teethers: All completely pointless because A doesn’t have a ton of interest in them yet, but we take them everywhere, anyway. Rattle, links, Sophie the Giraffe ring teether, and Lifefactory ring teether.
  6. Baby accessories: A’s aviator cap and a random pair of socks.
  7. All the wipes you could ever need: Baby wipes, face/hand wipes, pacifier wipes.
  8. Actual diapers: Currently carrying four (4) Pamper’s Baby Dry diapers.
  9. Trash and bags: Dirty diaper bags, random Wal-Mart bag shoved in there when I was out of dirty diaper bags, receipt from dinner the other night, coupon for free prints from Shutterfly (now expired).
  10. Kind of useless wallet: I got a card wallet in my stocking for Christmas, so that’s where I keep all my debit/credit cards and driver’s license. This wallet has my check book and all my rewards cards (I could do a whole other post on my reward card addiction. It’s big and it’s a problem. If a store has a reward program, I’m probably a member. Even if I’ve only shopped there once, and went for a very specific thing, knowing I’d probably never go back, if the cashier said the magic words, “Are you a member of (insert reward program here)?” I would/will sign up). You’ll notice the wallet I actually use is missing. It’s in my purse because I had to go in to work yesterday.
  11. More personal hygiene stuff: Tissues and a pad left over from before I could use tampons postpartum.
  12. Binkys: Four (4) binkys of various brands. It doesn’t matter what they are because none of them get used anymore since A has become A Thumbsucker.
  13. Bibs and burp clothes: One (1) teething bib (we are currently in Drool City, population: Us), two (2) burp clothes, because one never seems to be enough.

Things missing from the diaper bag we actually do carry and use:

  • Pierre the Peacock: Actually this toy is called Jacques the Peacock (but alliteration is more fun than forced rhyme), and it’s one of those sensory toys by Lamaze. A. Loves. This. Toy. It goes where we go, but she plays with it at home too.
  • A change of clothes: Since she’s growing like the fast and furious, and because Louisiana weather is so erratic in the winter, these get rotated a lot. Also she had a wardrobe change while we were out a while ago, and I forgot to replace it. Oops.
  • Flip camera: I use my iPhone for still photos on-the-go, but the flip camera is better for video.

So that’s our diaper bag. If you’re curious, the only things I removed from the bag were the things you freeze, the binkys, the receipt form dinner, the expired coupon, and the Wal-Mart bag. Everything else went right back in. You never know when you’re going to need something.

What’s in your diaper bag? What is absolutely essential for you?

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