Dear Amelia {Three Months}


Dear Amelia,

Wow. Three months! Can you believe it? I can’t.

You are an amazing little girl to watch grow up, and I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to do so. You are getting bigger and stronger every day. You have total head control now. No more bobble head for you! You want to and are trying to sit up on your own. If you’re awake and someone tries to cradle you like a newborn, you will fuss and attempt to sit up in their at arms. You can put weight on your feet and will “stand” for several minutes. You can roll from side to side so well pretty soon you’re going to roll all the way over and scare the crap out of yourself.

You are definitely no longer my little newborn. I’m not even sure you know you’re a baby. You hate to nap. Actually you hate sleep, period. It’s always a fight to get you to go down. And you’re already teething. You are my little early and over achiever, that’s for sure. I hope you stay that way.

You are getting more and more interested in the things around you. It’s so fun to watch you interact with everything. I can see you trying to figure out how to get a hold of your toys and your feet now. Pretty soon you’ll be grabbing at everything, not just mommy’s hair. I’m looking forward to you figuring out how to put things in your mouth and chew. I’m sure I’ll feel differently when you do, though.

Amelia, you have the sweetest smile and the cutest little giggle. I can and will spend hours everyday trying to elicit them, but thankfully it’s not that hard to get them out of you. You are growing out of the colic, but you can still be fussy (thank you gas and teething).

I’m learning all your little quirks, and I love them all. You get angry when you don’t get your way; you shake your head and SCREAM. You rub your eyes when you’re sleepy and suck on your fingers. You kick your legs when you’re excited. You furrow your brow when you’re trying to figure something out. You love to watch cartoons, especially Transformers, with your daddy. Your eyes light up at all the colors and motion. I’m not so sure we should be letting our three month old watch TV, but it’s just to funny to watch your reactions!

The last three months have been so special. We are so lucky to have you. I love you more than you’ll ever know.



P.S. A bonus picture just because it was too damn cute not to include:


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