Another year older, another year…something

Becoming a mom has put a lot of things in perspective. I’ve always loved birthdays. It’s nice to feel special and loved (I feel special and loved everyday, but it’s nice to get the extra attention). I love the excuse to celebrate. I love the excuse to eat cake (I especially love the excuse to eat the biggest piece with the most frosting). I love ice cream. And candles. And presents. You get the point.

Yesterday was my birthday. I had a great day. I woke up to birthday cards from John and A, I got a cake at work, I came home to a dozen roses, another cake (with candles), ice cream, and a wonderful dinner (bacon and cheddar mac n cheese OMG, so good). It was a pretty amazing first birthday as a mom.

John asked me to rank my 26th birthday on a scale of one to ten, with ten being I got a pony, while in Disneyland, from Mickey Mouse himself, and one being him “beating you mercilessly 26 times” (his words, not mine, have I mentioned how HIL-ARIOUS my husband is lately). I told him 8.5-9, because honestly the only way it could have been better was if I hadn’t had to go to work (and it would have been pretty awesome if A hadn’t cried at all, but that’s not happening any time soon).

It was a great birthday. Maybe even one of my best birthdays. I’m looking forward to celebrating many more.

I think about A’s birthday a lot. I don’t ever want to want to forget the details. I have amazing photos and a video from the day, plus my own written account of her birth story, but I want to be able to tell her in my own words the story of how she got here. I’m sure her first birthday (and all others) will be a very emotional day for me. After all, I’ll be celebrating something too: the day my life changed forever. It’s her birthday, but it’ll be my anniversary of becoming a mom.

I’m sure all mothers think about this on their child’s birthday, mine included. My mom worked pretty hard 26 years ago to get me here, and even though it wasn’t the day she became a mom for the first time, it was the day she became a mom to me, and that’s pretty special too.

BTW, Happy Birthday, December Babies! December is more than just Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Another year older, another year…something

  1. You’re right. Being a mom does give you a whole new perspective on birthdays. It’s like I told Bub on his birthday, that his birthday was a big deal for both of us. He got to be born and I got to be his mom.
    And, yes, the birth of your second (or 3rd in your case) is just as amazing as the birth of your first. Probably especially more so for your mom since she wanted a girl so bad.

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