The busiest time of the year

When I was a kid, the holidays were my absolute favorite time of the year. I loved decorating the house, baking holiday treats, going Christmas shopping, and listening to Christmas music. Not only did I have Christmas to look forward to, but also my birthday, which falls on December 11th. There were so many wonderful, lovely things. The two weeks off of school didn’t hurt, either.

I still love this time of the year, but as I get older, I’ve noticed it gets harder and harder to get into the spirit. First I was in college, and therefore broke, which made gift giving a challenge. Then I got married, and therefore the family got larger, which meant there were simply more people to shop for. And it just seems the older you get, the less time there is to do anything.

Now we have a baby, which means getting anything done is a huge challenge. It took me a week to decorate the tree in between a crying baby and two curious cats. I need to bake treats for my coworkers, but God knows when I’ll have a free moment to wash my hair, let alone an afternoon to bake. I just got around to ordering Christmas cards last night. So by the time they get in and I get around to sending them, it may be after Christmas before people get them.

I have been dreading Christmas shopping this year for a few reasons. One, it gets expensive pretty quickly, and two, our gift load has basically tripled this year with the addition of A and a new niece and nephew. I’ve been dragging my feet since my first round of shopping back in November, but last night I just sat down, sucked it up and ordered 95% of our presents. Thanks to Amazon and shopping deals, finding online coupons, etc, I managed to keep the cost relatively low (speaking comparatively to years past).

It’s hard to enjoy the holidays when you feel like you barely have time to breathe, let alone accomplish long lists of things you feel like you HAVE TO DO. In order to enjoy my first holiday season with A, I’ve decided I’m just going to relax. I got the tree up, I’ve got Christmas presents. She doesn’t really care if the patio is decorated, and she can’t eat cookies yet. Who says you HAVE to do anything, anyway? If the Christmas cards don’t get there till after the 25th, then so be it. I’m determined not to let the busiest time of the year get in the way of me enjoying the most wonderful time of the year with A. After all, a baby only has one first Christmas, and Mommy shouldn’t have to spend it stressed out over not getting Christmas lights up.

3 thoughts on “The busiest time of the year

  1. Don’t forget, baby won’t know or care about the lights being up. If you don’t get yours up take a walk through your neighbourhood and check out everyone else’s.

  2. I know what you mean I have a 2 year old and it’s hard to brush my teeth let alone xmas cards work and all the other non-sence. I wish you good luck out of my own selfishness and desire to conjure KARMA!!! LOL

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