Life update and other things

Well hello! I apologize for the lack of posts for the past week(ish). We spent Wednesday through Sunday at my parent’s house for Thanksgiving, and I always go there with good intentions to post regularly, but then I get caught up in vacation mode. Even though it’s only an hour away, I still consider going to my parent’s house a vacation of sorts: No cooking, no cleaning, and there’s always someone else to hold my kid. Bliss.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. I hope you did as well.

Yesterday A had her two month well baby visit. She currently weighs 9 lbs 15.5 oz (24th percentile) and is 22.25 inches (36th percentile). Tiny baby is still tiny (over the weekend my dad nicknamed her Tinker Bell, and the name fits her). but very healthy and very strong. Dr. Baby was really impressed by how strong she is.

She took her first set of shots like a total champ; she only cried once and stopped as soon as I picked her up. One of the vaccines, the Rotavirus vaccine, is oral. I was completely bewildered as to how they got two month olds to drink medicine from a little tube. Well, my kid was sucking it out of the tube. She didn’t waste a drop.

When I gave her infant Tylenol and Gripe water (cross your fingers this helps with her colic) later that evening, she did the same thing. I hope she always takes medicine this well.

I went back to work yesterday (boo). It was…emotional. And weird. And really, really overwhelming. I cried a lot. Luckily the company I work for allows a “phase back” period, where you aren’t working full time right away. Right now I’m only there half a day, so I still have my afternoons with A. My boss is also very understanding, as is allowing me to ease back into my duties.

Adjusting to being a two parent working household is hard. I’m hoping it gets easier. It does get easier, right?

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