Yesterday I wrote a long entry about how we’ve been working on getting A on a schedule, and how it was helping with her fussiness, and how the last few nights have been better. Well, apparently, I spoke too soon.

Last night, from about 8:30 to 11:30, A threw an all out, ear blasting, headache inducing fuss-fest. She. Was. SCREAMING.

When she started fussing at 8:30, I decided to nurse her since that always calms her down enough to fall asleep, and I KNOW she was tired. Well, I ended up nursing her on and off for three whole hours. And when she nursed? Yeah, that was the only time she was quiet. She would fall asleep for a few minutes, then wake back up again and scream. And we tried every trick in the book. Swaddling, shushing, laying her skin to skin on our chests, pacifiers, walking, rocking, swinging. NOTHING was working.

Eventually I realized she was not going to be calmed, so I just let her cry. John was starting to worry; he was concerned she was going to hurt herself. I just held her, rocked her, and cried with her. It’s very frustrating, not being able to calm your crying baby. Finally, around 11:30, she screamed herself out. Completely exhausted, we both passed out cold.

When she woke up again I figured it was around 3:00AM. I reached for my phone to check out the time, and I had to look at it twice. It was 5:30AM. Mademoiselle Fussypants slept for six hours straight! I’m considering that “through the night” since it went from the previous day to the next morning.

See John! I told you she’d wear herself out eventually! And look! Mommy got SIX WHOLE HOURS of uninterrupted sleep! And then A went back to bed after she nursed and slept for another TWO AND HALF HOURS! That’s a total of EIGHT AND HALF HOURS of sleep, which if you’re keeping score here you’ll know is the most sleep I’ve gotten since I was about 28 weeks pregnant.

The price you pay, I guess.

3 thoughts on “Jinxed

  1. We’re having a heck of a time with our 4-week old. I read your schedule post and it really helped ease my mind a little. Getting that organized hasn’t been one of our strong areas. Even if you did “speak too soon” you still have a good handle on how your baby works. You should be proud about that. It’s ok to cry… I cry a lot too. 🙂

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