The Littlest Fashionista

Day 9: I am thankful for motherhood. My daughter has made my biggest dream come true, and each day I fall more in love with being a mommy.

Confession: My daughter is better dressed than I am.

A and I spent last week at my parent’s house on a “staycation” of sorts. I must have packed 15 different outfits for what was a six day trip. A couple weeks ago John and I took A to a friend’s engagement party. She of course looked adorable in her party dress, but Mommy? I had to wear the black maternity pants I wore to work for nine months and a top I rescued from the back of my closet that had not seen the light of day for at least a year. I wore heels for the first time in 11 months, and I had to teach myself how to walk in them again. I seriously thought I would break an ankle.

I spend more time picking out A’s outfits than I do my own. I can dress my kid, but I can no longer dress myself. When did that happen?

I used to love clothes and shopping (especially shoes, OMG, I have some awesome shoes), but since getting pregnant, that has gone by the wayside, replaced by a love of comfort and a need for ease. Now that A has been here for almost two months, I’m tired of wearing maternity jeans whenever I leave the house and sweat pants at home. Also, none of my pre-pregnancy work clothes fit anymore. I’m only five pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, but pregnancy changes more than just your weight. Basically, Mommy needs a new wardrobe. And since I go back to work in two weeks, I need one pretty quickly.

However, I need this new wardrobe on a budget, and I’m sort of scared to dress myself now. I got so used to comfort over style, I don’t really want to go back to the structured business look. And finding the time to go shopping is a whole other battle in and of itself.

But, it’s time Mama looked as good as baby. If you had to, how did you rebuild your wardrobe post-baby without breaking the bank?

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