Hot Shot Mama’s Essential Newborn Gear

Now that A is one month old, I feel like I can speak with some authority on what has made having a newborn easier. Newborns don’t need a lot in terms of stuff, but there are definitely a few indispensable items. I would classify them as needs, but since all a newborn really “needs” per se is diapers, wipes, clothes, food, and love, I’ll just say they’re things you really, really, REALLY want to have.

1. Infant swing

Oh, infant swing, how do I love thee, let me count the ways…If I didn’t have a swing, most days I wouldn’t be able to eat breakfast. Or lunch. Or use the bathroom. It is literally the only place she will sit for any length of time without crying. This is a great item to pick up second hand from a friend or borrow because they can be kind of pricey. We borrowed ours from my SIL and brother. It’s a Fisher Price cradle swing that has now been used by three babies in our family, originally purchased for my nephew who is almost six, so clearly these things hold up. Worth the investment or storage space, IMO.

2. Wubbanub

A’s Wubbanub in action

A Wubbanub is basically a stuffed animal attached to a pacifier. It’s awesome because the animal gives the paci a little weight so baby can’t eject it out of his/her mouth as easy. I got A one a couple weeks ago, and it’s quickly becoming her favorite thing; it goes with us everywhere. She can keep it in her mouth a lot longer than just a regular binky, which is AWESOME at bed time. Also, the paci on the end is a Soothie pacifier by Avent, which as of right now is the only bink A will take. A Pacimal is similar, but you can get an adapter to attach any type of paci to it.

OBV, this only helps if your baby takes a binky, which, for your sake, I hope they do, at least for the first few months.

3. Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddlers

I admit I only got these at first because all the baby sites and blogs cited them as a celebrity favorite (I know, I know, you can go ahead and judge me, I’m a little ashamed). But they have quickly become our go-to blanket. I am an awful swaddler, A always busts out if I swaddle her, but John is a pro at it, and he thinks these blankets are the bees knees. They’re nice and big and stretchy. We use ours as a car seat cover up and for tummy time, too (the packaging says they can be used as burp clothes or changing pad covers, but at $34.99 for a 4 pack, that’s a little too expensive for me to use to clean up spit up or catch pee/poop). Also they are SUPER light weight, which is great for Southern Louisiana, where it is STILL warm.

4. The Baby Burrito Blanket (AKA the Swaddleme by Summer Infant)

No babies or burritos were harmed while taking this picture

I know I just said the A&A muslin blankets are THE go-to swaddling blankets, but the Swaddleme is a great weapon to have in the parenting arsenal. One word: Velcro. A has been getting pretty fussy in the evenings lately and swaddling really helps. The burrito blanket pretty much makes it so she can’t get out (though our little Houdini has, some how, managed to get an arm free from time to time; determination, even babies have it).

5. A sling (or some sort of baby carrier)

I’ve mentioned before A really loves to be held. My SIL’s mom made me a sling for my baby shower, and it’s been really helpful on those days where she won’t tolerate being put down but I really need to have two hands for something. Also I can take her out to get the mail or go for walks without having to put her in her car seat and stroller. SUPER convenient because she loves going outside. There are tons of brands/types of baby carriers, so find one that works for you.

So, there you have it, my ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL newborn items. Register for them, buy them, borrow them, steal them (JK! Don’t steal them, but if you do you didn’t get the idea from me).

What items made your newborn days easier? Leave your must haves in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Hot Shot Mama’s Essential Newborn Gear

  1. Those smoothie pacifiers are soooo frustrating without the wubanub! They fall right out! We also loved the Aden and anais blankets….they have some really cool burp cloths too that snap into a bib.

    • I know what you mean! I did learn a neat trick though, if you pull on the paci a little they suck harder, which “trains” them to keep it in their mouth–even the Soothies. And I’m definitely going to have to find some of those A&A burp clothes!

  2. The only thing we really needed was the swing. It really was the best thing ever. Neither took to the pacifier or were big on being swaddled. The sling was pretty awesome to have for Button. And I think she will be getting some of the A&A blankets soon, mostly for nursing covers and naptime.

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