Checking in

I’ve been wanting to check in with an update on our first 2 weeks with Amelia, but it’s been pretty hard to hammer out a post with a newborn, so sorry for the lack of posts. It takes me forever to write a post and edit it while trying to hold a newborn. Thank God and Fisher Price for infant swings, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to eat breakfast most days.

I want to try something a little different today, a video blog (if I can summon the energy to do my hair and put on make up. Or, you know, get dressed). A lot has been going on in the past two weeks, and I’m pretty sure it will be much easier for me to talk instead of write at the moment. Amelia isn’t fond of being put down, be it in her swing or cradle, unless she’s asleep and even then sometimes the peace only lasts a few minutes, depending on the day. I figure video blogging will kill two birds with one stone: Update HSM and hold/comfort baby (and let’s face it, I only have a finite amount of time home with her, and putting her down for any length of time is really hard).

So we’re going to try that later today. I have no idea what I’m doing though, so it’ll probably be a little (a lot) rough. We’ll see how it goes.

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