Big news

So, pretty much everyone assumed Baby A would make her big appearance sometime in early October (including myself), but it looks like the joke’s on us.

I went to the doctor for my 38 week check up today. I was pretty much expecting everything to be the same from last week’s visit. Baby hasn’t dropped yet (although the nurse did tell me since I am kind of on the short side she likely won’t drop much at all since there isn’t really a place for her to go), and I haven’t had an increase in contractions (that I’m aware of). Was I ever wrong.

First things first, I’M FINALLY DILATING. Thank the good Lord, because I was worried it wasn’t going to happen. It’s only a centimeter but still. Even better, I’m 90% effaced, which doctor said was even better than the dilating. She said effacement is a better sign of being ready for labor. Which is a good thing, because it could be happening a lot sooner than we expected.

My blood pressure, which has been a constant issue since week 24, if you remember, was high. Since that first scare it seems every other visit it’s high. She ordered another HELLP panel (I have had more blood work done during this pregnancy than I have my entire life), but even if it comes back negative, doctor thinks we will be looking at induction. Possibly as early as next Friday. We’ll reevaluate at next week’s appointment, but even if I don’t get induced on the 21st, it’s likely to be the week after at some point. Basically, she said she doesn’t like to mess around with high blood pressure this late in pregnancy, and at this point it’s safer for me and baby to just have her out in the world.

Many moons ago, we had a long talk about induction. Basically, I wanted to avoid it, but even so, my first reaction when she told me we were probably looking at it anyway, was relief and excitement. Yes, I am disappointed I won’t be able to have a totally natural labor and delivery (still hoping to go natural, sans pain medication), but I know it’s the best course of action, health wise. And now I probably won’t have to worry about going into labor at work, which is a plus.

It’s crazy to think this pregnancy could be over in a week. And then we’ll have an even crazier journey ahead of us: Parenthood (yikes). I get the feeling our little Amelia is going to give us quite a wild ride.

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