Birthday bets

So, thanks to Hurricane Isaac, work has been completely crazy. Which means I have spent the last week more exhausted than I have been this entire pregnancy. I’ve pretty much passed out immediately after work everyday. I’d recap this week for you, but literally it involved sleeping every chance I could get, and not much else. The life I lead, it’s so exciting.

Anywho, I am tired, and I am hoping this week is slightly less insane so I can keep up with some regularity in my posting here before Baby A arrives. I did manage to draft a few posts so at least I have a head start going into the next couple of weeks.

ALSO: I’m now officially full term (yay!). Theoretically, this baby could come at any point now. However, she has made no indication she is going to vacate the premises on her on volition anytime soon. John is betting she’ll make her grand entrance the week after her due date (October 2nd is his official guess). Seeing as he’s been right about everything else pregnancy related, I’m hesitant to bet against him.

But, since we’re on the subject, anybody willing to take a stab at Baby A’s birthday? 

2 thoughts on “Birthday bets

  1. It should be on the 29th just so Baby A and Button can be parallel with your nephews. But I’d say October 4th.
    BT says October 1st which would be an excellent anniversary present for your parents.

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