A year ago

Sometimes I catch myself thinking back to where I was the year prior. Most of the time I have absolutely no idea what the hell was going on, because let’s face it, sadly, most days as an adult sort of run into each other. But on holiday weekends and special occasions it’s a little easier.

Last Labor Day weekend John and I were in Florida at my parent’s beach house. This annual trek to Destin has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember (in fact this year is the first year we haven’t tagged along, I think). The last little vacation of summer. Last year, though, Tropical Storm Lee was passing through leaving the weather a tad bit too nasty for the beach (we actually ended up cutting the long weekend short and heading home a day early).

It was this weekend last year that John and I found out we were going to be Aunt and Uncle again (to our niece born the following March). And in all honesty, this was the time last year I started to think about having a baby myself. John and I had only been married a handful of months, but the wheels definitely started turning. On one of our rainy day shopping excursions, I even bought a gender neutral onesie saying “Daddy’s Co-pilot” with the excuse even though I probably wouldn’t use it for years, you knew you’d never find it again when you wanted it.

(It should be noted this purchase FREAKED JOHN OUT.)

I wouldn’t come clean to John about wanting to have a baby earlier than we originally planned for a few more months, around Christmas. If you had told me in a year’s time I would waiting to have our first baby, I probably would have laughed at you. Not because I didn’t want a baby, but because of how unbelievable it would have sounded to my ears at that time.

But here we are, almost a year to the day later, and I am indeed waiting to have our first baby who could literally decide to make her grand debut “any day now” (though I’m fairly certain she’s going to be there a couple more weeks). By the end of this month, I could be a Mommy (granted I am prepared to go into October, but I really hope not to). Somedays I really can’t believe it.

It’s basically like the best dream is coming true, right before my eyes. I am so lucky to be where I am today.

One thought on “A year ago

  1. That is so funny because the other day I was saying to my mom that a year ago we were telling y’all about Baby #2 and here is she already 5 months old. So much can change in a year.
    It really is so amazing and fun that our girls will be so close in age.

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