To whom it may concern

An open letter to every person, ever:

You may have already noticed this, but I’m pregnant. If this shocked you in anyway, I’m sorry. I know when you walk into the office you probably weren’t expecting to see an eight month pregnant person standing there, but I wasn’t expecting you to be so rude about it either, so I guess we were both surprised. Yes, I’m aware I look like I’m about to pop any minute. But I would appreciate you keeping your mouth shut when I respond I still have a month left. Yes, a whole month! And thanks for pointing out how big my baby must be. We LOVE to hear that.

Look, I’m going to level with you here. Most days my patience level is at like, a two, while my crazy level is more like, say, an eleven. And at any minute I’m literally one misguided comment away from snapping at you or crying. And trust me, neither of us want that.

It’s clear to me a lot of the general public don’t know how to act and speak around pregnant parties. With that said, I’ve decided it’s time for someone to lay some ground rules for when you come across a pregnant woman. Don’t worry, there aren’t many, and none are complicated:

1. Be mindful of what you say.

I get it. Not everyone has a filter. I myself am guilty of saying whatever pops into my head from time to time. But, when you exclaim “You’re never gonna make it till September!” or “You’re so big!” or my personal favorite, “Are you sure it’s a girl? I think the doctor is wrong!” it’s very difficult for me to not say something incredibly rude back to you. So, food for thought: If what you are saying can in anyway be taken as rude or offensive, keep it to yourself. Stick with safe things like, “You’re glowing!” or “You look fantastic for ___ months!”

2. Keep your hands to yourself.

Look, I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again. My belly is not open for business. Someone beat you to it, so unless you’re invited in for a belly rub, hands off.

3. Be aware and be kind.

A little compassion goes a long way, you know? The kindest things a stranger has done for me while I’ve been pregnant have been small, but they’ve meant a lot. Like letting me go ahead in line at the store when I’ve only got a couple things, waiting a little bit longer to hold the door while I waddle in from the parking lot, or picking something up that I’ve dropped. Nothing special, but it’s the little things, you know?

See? Not too difficult. Believe me, I understand the importance of keeping things simple, I AM pregnant after all. So let’s have a truce: If you make an effort to be more conscious of the pregnant parties around you, we promise not to cry in your presence. Everybody wins!


Hot Shot Mama and pregnant women everywhere


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