Signed, sealed, ready to be delivered

I was at the hospital today for the obligatory “baby is coming” tour, which wasn’t entirely necessary since my SIL just had a baby last week so I’ve pretty much seen everything. I was actually there by myself, as I mixed up the dates and John had a flight (can we say awkward? I was literally the only daddy-less mommy in the group). I would have just skipped it, but I felt bad taking up a spot and then not showing.

It ended up being pretty useful because I was reminded of the “OB Express” system Woman’s has, where if you are within 45 days of your due date you can do all your paperwork ahead of time so it’s ready for you when you need it. Since I am a “plan and be prepared” type of person, I figured now is as good a time as any to get it done. And I’m within 40 days (that’s just a little over a month, if you’re keeping track) so why not?

The whole process took only a few minutes and was definitely worth it to not have to worry about signing papers while in the throws of labor. And being back at the hospital made me SO EXCITED for Baby A’s arrival, I cannot even tell you. I’m beyond ready to meet my little girl, see her precious face, and give her so much love.

(And also, if I’m being entirely honest here, I’m just really ready to not be pregnant anymore.)

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