34 week update

So I spent yesterday home from work on pelvic rest.

When I woke up yesterday, I just felt horrible. Not that I feel great most mornings, but yesterday was especially brutal. I was having intermittent cramps across my abdomen and back. They were quite a bit more intense than any I have had prior, but I decided to go to work anyway to see if it would fade away. I was only there about an hour before I called in to the doctor, who basically told me to go home, lay down, avoid activity, and drink a crap ton of water; if I started to feel worse I was to call back, but since Baby A was still moving really good and there was no bleeding she said I should be fine to wait till my appointment today.

I did as I was told, and towards the end of the day I did start to feel better. We talked about it extensively today at my appointment, and we decided it’s time for me to really start taking it easy, not only at home but also at work, and I also need to be more careful with how much time I spend outside in the heat (simply put, it’s really, really, REALLY hot down here right now). She wrote me a note basically saying I am to partake in “minimal physical activity and minimal time spent outside”.

My boss at work is super great and understanding, and I know he’s willing to do whatever is needed, so the excuse is mostly for me. I am a proactive people pleaser by nature, so if I see help is needed somewhere, I’m going to get up and do what needs to be done. Now, everyone can be on the same page about what I can and can’t do at eight months pregnant and beyond. The goal here is to work as long as possible and avoid bed rest, so this is a good step towards that.

In other news, we’re measuring 34 inches across my belly (right on target), and I weigh the same I did at the last appointment, making my total weight gain from pre-pregnancy weight still 17 pounds. Today was also my last biweekly appointment. From here on out, we’ll be seeing the good doctor weekly, and she’ll be checking to see “if there’s any action going on down there” (her words, not mine).

If I was looking for an indication that this is almost over, I think that’s it. I keep focusing on the 40 weeks of pregnancy and forget I’ll be full term in just three weeks. Three weeks is a lot closer than six, you know? It’s time to get things in order, just in case we have an early arrival. I’m going to start getting together our hospital bags this weekend, and I’m almost done with all of Baby A’s laundry. Six more weeks (or less)!

(BTW, baby clothes: Super cute until you have to wash them for the first time. Everything has multiple pieces, and they’re all connected by plastic and tape. And don’t get me started on trying to keep all the pieces parts together after they’ve been washed.)

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